Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bath Time

One of Malone's favorite activities is BATH TIME.....just kidding. She actually hates bath time, but loves to get her hair washed. So we refer to it as "Hair- Washing Time" instead. Here's a picture of us giving her a bath (its a team effort). Her back is turned so you can't see her screaming face! We're saving you the heart ache. But then....as soon as mommy wrapped her in her towel, and poured some warm water on her head, she is in third heaven.
You can still see some disgust in her face, but that's just because we're delaying rinsing her hair.
Ahhh...what we do for hygiene.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy 1 week birthday, Malone!

Thursday Malone was officially one week old. In honor of this mini-milestone, we had a little photo shoot with her and a beautiful picture her aunt Lydia drew for her.

Here's Lydia's beautiful picture. Its Malone's little wings.

How beautiful is she? We call this her superman pose.

Then Maloney started getting a little sleepy..... AWWW....

Then it was sleepy time. Ahhh...peaceful.

Until we started taking pictures of her, waking her up. She was NOT happy! Some people say that she gets her scowl from me, but I just don't see it :)

Then we gave her a bath. She didn't think the bath was so celebratory. But she sure did look (and smell) pretty afterward. I'll post those pictures next. To be continued....

Malone is here!

Miss Malone has finally made her arrival. She was born Thursday, January 19th at 1:45 pm weighing in at 7lbs 3oz. and standing tall at 20.5 inches. She is the most beautiful baby her mommy and daddy has ever seen! For pictures of her birth and shortly thereafter (no gross pictures, I promise) please visit Cameron's blog.

Here's a funny video of Malone singing the Hallelujah Chorus courtesy of Auntie Lydia and Malone's mom. Lydia and I were laughing so hard because Malone added in some percussion (of the diaper variety) of her own.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Just waiting.....

I promise I haven't deserted the idea of keeping everyone updated with this blog. I'm just currently waiting for something exciting to happen, namely the birth of my first baby! It feels like everything else in life, any other ponderings, everything I think of right now is related to WHEN THIS BABY IS COMING!

So in order to not bore you to death with the details of my waiting any further, I will write again when I have some news. Hopefully, it will be days and not WEEKS.

- Super pregnant lady