Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bath Time

One of Malone's favorite activities is BATH TIME.....just kidding. She actually hates bath time, but loves to get her hair washed. So we refer to it as "Hair- Washing Time" instead. Here's a picture of us giving her a bath (its a team effort). Her back is turned so you can't see her screaming face! We're saving you the heart ache. But then....as soon as mommy wrapped her in her towel, and poured some warm water on her head, she is in third heaven.
You can still see some disgust in her face, but that's just because we're delaying rinsing her hair.
Ahhh...what we do for hygiene.

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Justin Steinhart said...

I love keeping up on the Schaefers...it brings a warm smile to the face.