Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Daddy's girl, Mama's boy

Cameron has a new little twin. She eats what he eats for breakfast (only when I'm not looking), waffles with chocolate chips.
She read what he reads, the latest on counterinsurgency and fourth generation warfare.
And just plain delights in her daddy.
But then when he leaves and she is stuck with me again, she gives me this look. The look that says, "Really? You again? How boooooring!"
Luckily this little boy still loves his mama.

Yes, I got my hair cut and yes, it looks weird in these pictures.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy 2 Month Birthday to Judah!

We can't say it any better...

Last week our wonderful little boy reached his 2 month mark. I am more grateful everyday for him and can't wait to see what the rest of his life is like. After Cameron's last trip, he came home and said, "he just looks so much better, like a real baby now." Yes, indeed, I think he's lost that newborn squishiness and traded it in for a much cuter, fatter, squishiness. I love it!!

Here are his latest stats:

Height: 21.65 inches. Only in the 10th percentile. A little shorty so far, but he has enormously long hands and feet, so I think he'll get his growth spurt soon. Jr. High, maybe?

Weight: 12 lbs. It felt like that was huge to me, but apparently he is exactly average at the 50th percentile. Look at that chub...the arms...the little double chin. AHHH! Don't you just want to eat him in all his cuteness?
Head size: Once again, all indications point to brilliant. Just check out how he reads already. BRILLIANT!
Sleep: Awake in the morning, hibernates over lunch and into the afternoon, some more naps in the later afternoon/evening, great sleeper at night. I think after Malone, I deserve a good night time sleeper. :) This is what he looks like when he's really sleepy.
Sociability: He is a bit serious. I keep trying to tell him that its only polite to smile when first meeting someone and especially when they smile at you. So he's slowly working on that first impression smile.

Eat: Not a very adventurous eater yet. He just loves milk. Doesn't he know there is a whole other world full of variety and wonderful, delicious, amazing food?

Pooper: Good, perhaps too good for his own good. One day last week I had to change his clothes 3 times due to his "power."

All in all, this boy has secured his place in my heart.


I just discovered a website called ModCloth. They sell vintage inspired/ indie designer clothes at super reasonable prices. Cameron has already been notified to the importance this website will have in the coming months as I revamp my wardrobe. Check out this SUPER CUTE tank.

By the way, I found out about this site through a fabulous blog called Petit Elefant. Go visit, show her some love.

Judah 1 month pictures

A while back, one month to be exact, Judah celebrated his one month anniversary of gracing us with his presence. He still looks like a cute little newborn boy....not...for...long.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye!

I, the new momma of 2 adorable little ones, made it to church today.

I was dressed, hair and makeup done.

My children were dressed (cutely, I think too).

More importantly, my children were clean and none of us smelled like baby spit-up.

My children were fed.

We made it to church, despite Daylight Savings Time (Fist of Fury to you, Daylight Savings!)

We made it ALONE!!!! For the first time since Judah was born.

***Please pat me on the back, because I feel like this is a major accomplishment for me. :)***

I would like to thank the following for helping me win this award....err...I mean... with this major accomplishment:

Sara, who so graciously came over last night and watched my babies so I could take a bath and wash & blow dry my hair.

My children for being so good and cooperating fully this morning without any tears or tantrums.

Paul & Rachael for holding Judah so Malone and I could do communion together.

Lastly, the lady who left right before I arrived so that I could have a close parking spot in an otherwise packed parking lot.

Thank you all!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Another first

Friday, we had another first. Let me tell you how our day went.

After a great morning where I bathed myself, Malone and Judah, blow-dried Malone's hair and got all of us dressed (we looked so darn cute), I was feeling pretty good. We ate lunch, attempted a nap time for Malone, and I decided to schlep the kids Target in hopes of Malone napping on the way home.

We had a great time at Target. I bought some new workout dvd's, weights, baby stuff and even checked out their patio furniture all while Judah was sleeping in his car seat, serenely, and Malone was quietly enjoying her dried cranberries (which we can't go anywhere without...we're keeping Craisins in business). I should've known that everything was too good.

All of a sudden Malone says, "Mama, ouch, berry in nose", while trying to pick her nose. "Ummmm...what?????" I respond in disbelief. "Did you just stick a cranberry up your nose?", I ask, desperately hoping she says no. "Yes."

So I freaked out a little and scared her and she started crying and I realized that I had to remain calm to get her to calm down. I could see it...I think. How hard could it be to get it out? I just need tweezers. So I ran over to the beauty department and found tweezers, tried to open them, but the plastic was impossibly stuck on the one side. Ughhhh, serious? Frantically, I grabbed another pair and attempted the cranberry rescue to no avail. I only attempted the rescue once, because I was so scared of hurting Malone and pushing it in further. We left Target in a hurry.

I called my mom like any good daughter would do. She gave me some sage advice. I headed home and called Cameron on the way to let him know and to have him call the pediatrics clinic. Should I bring her in? Apparently, no. I had to take her straight to the ER!!! I did not realize that it was THAT big of a deal. But we headed to the hospital, ready for a LONG afternoon/evening/night at the ER.

When we arrived at the hospital, I had Judah in his carseat in one arm, Malone in the other arm, and the heavy diaper bag schlepped around my shoulder. What a sight! I think they felt sorry for me, because the staff rushed us ahead of a bunch of people, and soon the little red culprit was out of Malone's left nostril. She didn't even cry. An hour and a half after having arrived at the ER, we left. So I thank you, staff of Madigan Army Hospital, for being so kindhearted and seeing a military mom with a newborn and a two year old and having pity on her/cutting her some slack. I will never forget you.

PS: Where was Cameron? At work, solving the problems in Afghanistan singlehandedly... and he couldn't get away.

So now we foreign objects in the nose.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cutie Patootie 1 month old

Here's my handsome little boy at 1 month.

*please note the hair. and the smile. and the little lips. and the little pudgy nose. oh and those cheeks. Am I allowed to eat him up with a spoon?