Sunday, April 25, 2010

I have a new body

Can we just be real for a minute? There's something I need to get off my chest. Ok, maybe not in a confession sort of way, but more like a complaining kind of way.

PS: Dad, Dad-in-law, and anyone else who probably doesn't really want to read about post-baby body issues, here's your out to read no more today. It is G-rated, but don't say I didn't warn you!

So here's the good news: I only have 4 more pounds to lose before I'm back at my pre-Judah weight. Hooray! I've been trying really hard (with the exception of bible- study-People Make Too Good of Food -Thursday nights and special occasions) to make wise and healthy food choices. I've even been working out pretty faithfully at home (my gym's childcare won't take babies under 3 months) with my good friend, Jillian Michaels, trainer of the Biggest Loser. Ok, so I don't really know her, but I feel like I do, because we've shared some pretty embarrassing workout moments in my living room (Jiggling Jump-squats...ahem....I mean...Jump squats, anyone?) Coincidentally, every time she yells,"Don't you quit on me!", I feel like she's yelling right at me because usually that is at the exact moment when I desperately want to quit, and I don't want to let her down because I'm afraid she's gonna come into my home and beat me up. But maybe since I've been doing a BAZILLION traveling push-ups, I could take her? I don't know, I'm just saying. Anyways, I'm pretty proud of myself because I feel like I've been working pretty hard AND it took me 9 months to a year to get where I am now with Malone's pregnancy. So yay! for me!

But here's the bad news: I have a new body. I made the discovery as I was cleaning out my closet (Cameron would be proud) the other day, and tried on some of my old and favorite Lucky jeans. I was pretty excited considering my weight and thought that although they should be a little snug, they should at least fit. Oh no, no, no, my friends. While I could at least get them over my hips (barely!) that's all I could do. Did my hips move? Are all 4 lbs in each thigh or maybe just right where you would button your jeans? I'll spare you the details of how my body continued to betray me that day.

Someone please tell me that with continued diligence, which I am willing to do, I will one day be able to fit into my favorite pair of straight leg, Lucky jeans. Someone please tell me that my body just went through something major, growing a human being inside of it for 9 months and then birthing it into the world, and that its tired and just needs a little time to get back to normal.

Ok, my complaining & confession is over.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mom vs. Mommy

So Malone has started calling me, "Mom." I cringe every time I hear her say it. Why? I'm not a "mom" yet, I'm still a "mommy".

See, there's a difference. I can hear her with that teenage twinge in her voice, saying, "Maaaa-umm", which really means, "You're so uncool, you female parental figure of mine. Please don't embarrass me in front of my friends!" Whereas, "mommy" is said either in a moment of sadness, "I want Mommy to kiss my ouchie better" (super sweet, right?) or my current favorite Malone-phrase, "Mommy, I love you!"

How do I tell her that she's not allowed to call me "mom" but rather I want her to call me "mommy" forever, and ever? Oh and also, that she's not allowed to grow up any more and needs to stay my sweet, little 2 year old, Malulu forever?

Friday, April 16, 2010

When Cameron is gone...

This is a snap shot of what our life is like when Cameron is gone.

We cling to one another.

I'm going out of my mind

I get hungry and try to eat my young.
After the "eating the young" incident, Malone needed some love.
Judah needs some man time. He's tired of all these girls. So he's trying to hold onto his manhood by trying to fit both fists in his mouth.
We're sad.
And so is Judah.

And then we wait....and wait...and wait...
But then a glorious day comes when daddy says he's coming home. And we get REALLY excited!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Outfit a week late

Clearly, because of last weekend's nastiness, we did not make it to church on Easter. However, Malone had the most beutiful Easter dress courtesy of her aunt Sharon. So she wore it a week late. And was the cutest girl in her church class...because that's why we go to church, right? :)
And this is what Judah was doing while we had fun.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Don't read while eating

I don't have pictures.

You don't want pictures.
Believe me.

Saturday night I did not sleep well. BEECCAAAAAAUUUUSE, I was puking my guts out all. night. long. You think I'm over exaggerating? The burst capillaries all over my face says otherwise.

Anyways, it was one of my worst fears was realized. What would I do if I became ill and still had to or couldn't take care of my two little children. Luckily for me, I have an incredible group of friends who support me and help me when Cameron is gone. But, ironically enough, its Spring Break and just about everyone was out of town. Yikes.
I awoke Sunday morning feeling like death itself. Ironic, because Sunday was Easter, a day to celebrate LIFE. Luckily, my friend Sara (who we think I got the little nasty bug from via text message the day before), came to the rescue even though she was only on day 1 in the "life after the bug." Let it just be known that we both looked more beautiful than anyone can imagine, small children might have been scared away by our "beauty". I can't thank Jesus enough for Sara and her incredible friendship to take care of me and my children. And Ms. Lois who brought us sickies applesauce and crackers. And Mr. Dick who mowed my lawn. And Laura Glover, who in her incredible kindness was totally willing to bring me Gatorade and Sprite and watch my children, even though she didn't end up having to.

I prayed so hard that Malone and Judah wouldn't get the bug. It looked like we were in the clear, Sunday morning...Sunday night...Monday morning...Monday afternoon...not so fast Marelize, that nasty little bug is not done with the Schaefer household yet. I was just about to make Malone dinner, when she coughed a little too hard, gagged and threw up. Yuck. Her first throw up, ever. I was clinging to the hope that it was an isolated incident, but deep down inside knew different. How do you do throw-up with a two year old? Lets talk practical here. Toilet, trash bag, bucket, bowl? Can she tell me before it happens? Where should she sleep? And what about Judah? Oy.

After a couple of "incidents", numerous clothing changes (for both of us), I gathered my thoughts, courage, nauseous feelings, grabbed towels, washcloths, pillows, a bowl and a quilt and decided to camp out in the living room. And so we camped on the floor. Sara came over and helped me with Judah, Beth and Marc went to the store and got her some Pedialyte.

Tuesday morning we woke up, still a little weak from the weekend's events. But...we survived. WE SURVIVED!!!

* Again, I cannot express how thankful I am for everyone who helped us in this crazy process. I am beyond blessed to have people who care for my family and I the way that you all do.