Sunday, April 11, 2010

Don't read while eating

I don't have pictures.

You don't want pictures.
Believe me.

Saturday night I did not sleep well. BEECCAAAAAAUUUUSE, I was puking my guts out all. night. long. You think I'm over exaggerating? The burst capillaries all over my face says otherwise.

Anyways, it was one of my worst fears was realized. What would I do if I became ill and still had to or couldn't take care of my two little children. Luckily for me, I have an incredible group of friends who support me and help me when Cameron is gone. But, ironically enough, its Spring Break and just about everyone was out of town. Yikes.
I awoke Sunday morning feeling like death itself. Ironic, because Sunday was Easter, a day to celebrate LIFE. Luckily, my friend Sara (who we think I got the little nasty bug from via text message the day before), came to the rescue even though she was only on day 1 in the "life after the bug." Let it just be known that we both looked more beautiful than anyone can imagine, small children might have been scared away by our "beauty". I can't thank Jesus enough for Sara and her incredible friendship to take care of me and my children. And Ms. Lois who brought us sickies applesauce and crackers. And Mr. Dick who mowed my lawn. And Laura Glover, who in her incredible kindness was totally willing to bring me Gatorade and Sprite and watch my children, even though she didn't end up having to.

I prayed so hard that Malone and Judah wouldn't get the bug. It looked like we were in the clear, Sunday morning...Sunday night...Monday morning...Monday afternoon...not so fast Marelize, that nasty little bug is not done with the Schaefer household yet. I was just about to make Malone dinner, when she coughed a little too hard, gagged and threw up. Yuck. Her first throw up, ever. I was clinging to the hope that it was an isolated incident, but deep down inside knew different. How do you do throw-up with a two year old? Lets talk practical here. Toilet, trash bag, bucket, bowl? Can she tell me before it happens? Where should she sleep? And what about Judah? Oy.

After a couple of "incidents", numerous clothing changes (for both of us), I gathered my thoughts, courage, nauseous feelings, grabbed towels, washcloths, pillows, a bowl and a quilt and decided to camp out in the living room. And so we camped on the floor. Sara came over and helped me with Judah, Beth and Marc went to the store and got her some Pedialyte.

Tuesday morning we woke up, still a little weak from the weekend's events. But...we survived. WE SURVIVED!!!

* Again, I cannot express how thankful I am for everyone who helped us in this crazy process. I am beyond blessed to have people who care for my family and I the way that you all do.


Tiffany Hope said...

Oh Marelize! You are such my hero for getting through that ordeal! I can't even imagine how horrible it was for you, dear friend. I too am thankful that you had friends to come to the rescue. You're incredible!

The Willis Wonder Years said...

I am so glad you survived, but SO sad for you and your babies that you had to go through that. That is such a blessing though to have your close friends right there always so willing to help out. I wished we lived closer so I could do the same for you. But remember I can be down there in an hour if you ever get in a pickle and need help! Love ya!

Karl and Sara said...

Oh sweet baby. You know how I love you and that barfing 2 year old of yours. I'm glad that nasty-ness is gone! Have I told you I loved the Easter dress? I do. I really, really do.