Sunday, April 25, 2010

I have a new body

Can we just be real for a minute? There's something I need to get off my chest. Ok, maybe not in a confession sort of way, but more like a complaining kind of way.

PS: Dad, Dad-in-law, and anyone else who probably doesn't really want to read about post-baby body issues, here's your out to read no more today. It is G-rated, but don't say I didn't warn you!

So here's the good news: I only have 4 more pounds to lose before I'm back at my pre-Judah weight. Hooray! I've been trying really hard (with the exception of bible- study-People Make Too Good of Food -Thursday nights and special occasions) to make wise and healthy food choices. I've even been working out pretty faithfully at home (my gym's childcare won't take babies under 3 months) with my good friend, Jillian Michaels, trainer of the Biggest Loser. Ok, so I don't really know her, but I feel like I do, because we've shared some pretty embarrassing workout moments in my living room (Jiggling Jump-squats...ahem....I mean...Jump squats, anyone?) Coincidentally, every time she yells,"Don't you quit on me!", I feel like she's yelling right at me because usually that is at the exact moment when I desperately want to quit, and I don't want to let her down because I'm afraid she's gonna come into my home and beat me up. But maybe since I've been doing a BAZILLION traveling push-ups, I could take her? I don't know, I'm just saying. Anyways, I'm pretty proud of myself because I feel like I've been working pretty hard AND it took me 9 months to a year to get where I am now with Malone's pregnancy. So yay! for me!

But here's the bad news: I have a new body. I made the discovery as I was cleaning out my closet (Cameron would be proud) the other day, and tried on some of my old and favorite Lucky jeans. I was pretty excited considering my weight and thought that although they should be a little snug, they should at least fit. Oh no, no, no, my friends. While I could at least get them over my hips (barely!) that's all I could do. Did my hips move? Are all 4 lbs in each thigh or maybe just right where you would button your jeans? I'll spare you the details of how my body continued to betray me that day.

Someone please tell me that with continued diligence, which I am willing to do, I will one day be able to fit into my favorite pair of straight leg, Lucky jeans. Someone please tell me that my body just went through something major, growing a human being inside of it for 9 months and then birthing it into the world, and that its tired and just needs a little time to get back to normal.

Ok, my complaining & confession is over.


Tiffany Hope said...

Okay, so I'm kind of in the same boat...but I CAN tell you this. Right now your body is still actually different, even though you've lost most of the weight. Your bones are soft and spread out a little. That might be part of why your jeans fit differently. It takes about 9 months for them to come back together, harden and get back to normal. So hold on to those awesome jeans and try again in a few months! :)

Jarred and Andrea said...

You will fit in your jeans again! Give it another few months. Even though you have lost a lot of your preggo weight, your body needs to re-adjust to not having a tummy anymore and walking differently. Keep up the good workouts!!

Angela said...

You know what? I had that happen to me after I turned 30 this past Feburary. During Christmas, I could fit into a juniors 5 and after I turned 30 I went up a size because my hips decided to expand. My waist it the same, but just the hips! My mom was right about gaining "permanent" weight after my second baby:) Oh well. I have learned to love it. I still work out, when I can of course, and just accept who I am now. I know I will never look like the way I did when I was 24. Its amazing how bodies changes, especially in women. The good thing about it was that I finally got to shopping for new clothes. YAY! I also decided that whenever we PCS, I am going to buy some gym equipment to help me exercise at home:) To get to the point, you are not fat or look bad. You are a mother now, and you look great. There are so many moms out there that would die to have your figure, even after having 1 baby:) You are blessed:)