Tuesday, May 4, 2010

10 things you should know about 3 month-old Judah

10. He's ridiculously cute

9. He is pretty smiley

8. He laughs now, usually with his tongue hanging out.

7. He smells like a man because he uses Head & Shoulders shampoo and Old Spice aftershave...just kidding about the aftershave...maybe..

6. He secretly loves his sister's tickles, kisses and hugs. But to keep up appearances of being a little brother, he kicks her.

5. I think he's the strong quiet type.
4. He told me that he is never going to throw a temper tantrum- true story!

3. He also told me that chocolate chip cookies and braised beef tacos (weird combo, but who am I to argue with a talking 3 month old?) smell really good. He's kinda worried that he's being skimped out on when everyone eats yummy things and he has to drink weird milk. But for now, he's enjoying his hands.
2. He's a bit of a puker. I think I've gotten used to it. The other night, my dear friend, Leigh Anna (Whoop! Shout out to you, friend!) was graciously watching our kids while we went on a fabulous date. She texted me half-way through the night and asked where she could find some more baby clothes. Uh-oh, I thought, one of 2 things happened, both which are fairly common in our house, big spit-up or big diaper blow out. Well, when we got home, I found Judah and Leigh Anna like this:

Leigh explained that she was expecting the spit up, but wasn't expecting round 2 and the consequential rounds after that. So after she changed him numerous times she thought it was just better to leave him in his pudgy, natural state. Sooooo cute. I'm so grateful for a wonderful friend who we can leave our spitter- up with and she still loves us and him.

1. He's just plain delightful.


Sara Martin said...

He's just plain cute too!! Hey I saw your sister Lydia on Friday at Shuga's...it was so nice to quickly catch up with her. Miss you.

Tiffany Hope said...

Oh, he really is adorable, Marelize! I just won't to kiss those full little lips of his. He looks so cuddly. I can't wait to meet him one day.

Catherine White said...

Such sweetness!! They're both so adoreable!

Jill Meseke said...

He is too precious!! You have a wonderful family!

Marelize said...

Sara- She told me. She also said that you looked ridiculously cute and pregnancy suits you.

Tiff- I do cuddle with him as much as possible. I love to kiss his little chubby-ness.

Catherine- Thanks. How's everything going for you? ;)

Jill- Long, lost friend. Thank you for always commenting. I love that you can at least stay up to date with us this way.