Sunday, May 9, 2010

Summer Dreams realized

FINALLY....we got our patio finished. Yes, we now have a patio to fulfill all of our summer entertaining dreams.

We had a little patio christening a couple of weeks ago which included a fire pit, perfect spring evening, wine, s'mores and friends. Ahhh! So good, that we had another the next weekend. Only the beginning, friends. Only the beginning. This is when the night was still young. And before we busted out everything for s'mores. That's when things got crazy....oh the crazy life we lead in the suburbs :)Now, we only need patio furniture so we don't have to make our parties "Bring Your Own Chair."

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Tiffany Hope said...

You make me laugh. :) I love the fire pit! Before we decided to move from our house in NM we were going to put in a big, built in fire pit. I just love being outside. Congrats on getting the patio finished! Your yard is really looking beautiful.