Friday, April 16, 2010

When Cameron is gone...

This is a snap shot of what our life is like when Cameron is gone.

We cling to one another.

I'm going out of my mind

I get hungry and try to eat my young.
After the "eating the young" incident, Malone needed some love.
Judah needs some man time. He's tired of all these girls. So he's trying to hold onto his manhood by trying to fit both fists in his mouth.
We're sad.
And so is Judah.

And then we wait....and wait...and wait...
But then a glorious day comes when daddy says he's coming home. And we get REALLY excited!!!

1 comment:

Sara Martin said...

This is so cute. Malone looks like a miniature Marelize...Love it!!! Thanks for the voice mail the other day. I'll call soon :)