Saturday, February 2, 2008

They come and go

This week was one of joy and sadness because of the the coming and the going of family. First, we all enjoyed our last few days with my sister, Lydia here. She came out for about two and a half weeks to help with Miss Malone. She made dinner (her awesome fried ravioli was the BEST!!!) and took Malone in the mornings so that the new sleep deprived parents could get some sleep. So when she left early Wednesday morning, Malone was very sad. She made several faces similar to this one once she discovered Auntie Lyddie was gone.

But luckily, the before Lyddie left, Grandpa Jay and Grandma Claire (Cameron's dad and stepmom) came to visit. Malone enjoyed their visit very much, sleeping so comfortably in Grandma Claire's arms and feeling super safe under the protection of Grandpa Jay.

But then on Friday morning they had to leave. Again, Malone was very sad....We had to console her with her little elephant....and try to entertain her as much as possible to distract her from her sad little heart.

A few other events that happened this week: Malone celebrated her 2 week birthday. Yay! She is more beautiful everyday and already looks a lot more grown up to us. Also, she rolled over (from her belly to her back) this week. We're not quite sure if at two weeks this was just a fluke or if she's abnormally advanced in her motor skills. We like to believe that we have a child prodigy on our hands.

Tomorrow, I'll post a video of Missy trying to crawl...seriously, a child prodigy people!

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