Friday, February 29, 2008

6 week milestone

Yesterday, Malone is crossing the 6 week milestone. Its hard to believe that only six weeks ago she was a longing and excitement in our hearts and my belly. However, over the past few weeks she has firmly established her position in our family. I don't have much to update you on, just an increase in appetite and diaper size and a decrease in sleeping. Here's some new pictures. Enjoy!

Picture 1 & 2: Malone napping with her daddy

Picture 3: We like to call this look "Milk Drunk Baby"
Picture 4: This is the closest I can get to showing you her beautiful smile
Picture 5: She knew I was taking pictures for you, so she thought she would wave
Picture 6: She is posing for you...Note for my mom: doesn't this look like the pictures we have of oumagrootjie, ouma and you where you're each doing the pose fixing your hair? (the original was of oumagrootjie)
Picture 7: She was sooo sleepy
Picture 8: She finally went to sleep....squishy face and all.


Catharine de Wet said...

Ahh! I miss her so. Yes it does look like the traditional pose.

Jill Meseke said...

Hi friends! She is fabulously beautiful. I love the "milk drunk baby" face. That's great! We miss you guys. Can't wait to see Malone soon.