Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Her Majesty, the Queen

Cameron and I watched a documentary on the British Royal Family the other night. It was spectacular, making me long for something that included a bit more pomp and circumstance than changing a diaper and cleaning spit up. One of the highlights of the documentary was a unprecedented photo shoot with Her Majesty, the Queen (that's what everyone called her) by famous American photographer Annie Lebowitz (she took the naked pregnant picture of Demi Moore on the cover of Vanity Fair in the 1990s). It inspired me to have a royal photo shoot of my own.

I'm sure just like Annie Lebowitz, I charged the camera battery, adjusted the lights (by adjusting the lights I mean I turned them on) and got the scene ready. While I was getting the studio ready, my model was primping and getting ready as well (have you seen the picture of her fixing her hair?) I had high hopes for a smooth photo shoot with the notorious diva of a model. Much like Her Majesty, the Queen, everything had to be perfect in order for her to cooperate and give me the best shots.

Miss Malone was finally ready, clean, changed, fed and awake. We started in the bedroom and moved to the living room. Realize when I say "room" , please note that they are not actual rooms as our living space at the moment is a but on the small side. Its more like, moving from the bed to the couch. Anyways, it worked! She was a perfect model!

Here's the results of our own Royal Photo Shoot:

Picture 1: She started out pretty reserved.

Picture 2: She sat there with her hands folded, as modest and unemotional as Her Majesty, the Queen.
Picture 3: Then all of a sudden, she let loose and started dancing...a little jig, if you will. I was surprised to say the least.
Picture 4: This took quite the skill on her part as she's not exactly the most stable in the neck and body department. Most of the time she resembles a bobble-head.
Picture 5: This was my moment of glory as a photographer and her moment of Majesty as a model.
And so ended our wonderful royal photo shoot.

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Sara Kay said...

Hysterical. And cute too!