Friday, March 28, 2008

Sleeping/Napping Shenanigans

I hate naps. I mean, I love naps but I'm a bad nap taker. Everyday, I desperately want to take a nap, just to rest my eyes for a few minutes, but the cost is too high for me. You see, I can't take a cat nap because it takes me forever to fall asleep during the day, one of many reasons I should never be a grave-shift worker. Rather, I have to take a REAL good, long nap in order to feel like its worth it. But who has time to take a two hour nap? And this is the bad part, then I wake up groggy, in a slumber and just plain in a bad mood. Cameron on the other hand is the king of naps. He can take a 5 minute nap and feel as fresh as a daisy in Spring. My dad, too, is a good napper, laying down for his 15 minute cat nap after lunch is a daily ritual (he gets up so early that it is only expected for someone to take a nap midday). Not me.

You know who else is a bad napper? Yep, Miss Malone. She whines, cries, rubs her eyes red, scratches her face and tries to break the world record for longest eating session when its nap time. And when she's finally asleep, its like a game of Russian Roulette, will she really sleep or is she just faking it? **Side note: anyone have any advice on getting her to nap better? Oh, and I forgot to mention that when she does nap well (my lucky day!!!) she wakes up not in a good mood. I think I can hear my parents rejoicing as they read this, thinking "Oh the irony of Karma!"

Keeping all this in mind, Cameron and I REJOICE every morning when she wakes up, because she wakes up in the best, cutest, most cuddly of moods, all full of smiles and giggles. I think its my favorite time of day. So in honor of Malone and her crazy sleeping/ waking up shenanigans, I'm posting some pictures of her when she woke up this morning.

Waking Up
Picture 1: She just woke up and is starting to smile because she saw us. Ooh , she looks a bit rough...look at that bed head.
Picture 2: Look at that goofy smile...I think she got a bit over-excited.
Picture 3: Beautiful smile

Picture 4:Here's smiling Malone. Obviously glad to be awake and looking a bit more pulled together.
Picture 5: Here's scared Malone. " What? I'm going to have to take a nap?"
Nap Time
Picture 6: Will she or won't she? Note how proper she is folding her hands one over another. Cameron and I were catching up on some LOST episodes while she was napping yesterday. It lasted about 15 minutes.


Catharine de Wet said...

I can't wait to see her wake up in my bed. Ouma will hold her while you nap! I remember how you used to fight going to sleep - running around, jumping on and off furniture, and generally being a pain, and then all of a sudden, you'd fall over and be asleep! What goes around, as they say .....

ComfyRest said...
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