Monday, March 17, 2008

2 month birthday!!

I know its been 10 days since I last made a posting, a fact I am shamefully admitting. However, I want to make sure that your visit to my blog is worthwhile and since our minutes are not all full of excitement I collected our newsworthy moments for a post like this.

We've been enjoying lots of family time lately because Cameron has been doing his C-17 training at night instead of during the day. Malone has really enjoyed some extra time with her daddy. She loves the songs he makes up for her and appreciates his crawling coaching. She is growing like a weed. We've noticed that she looks a bit chubbier (only to make her cuter), especially in her cheeks and legs. Here's a nice chubby picture of her in her car seat.

Check out those cheeks.
Here's a nice one where you can see the rolls on her legs....FABULOUS!!! She was really excited to go on a walk.
But not to worry, she doesn't just lazy around all day, she's working on her sitting and spitting up skills. She is getting so strong. We bought her this awesome little chair to help her with her sitting up. She loves her chair even though she just has little 5 minutes stints in it at this point. Here she is trying out her Bumbo chair.

The weather has really been warming up, making it really nice for us to go on walks around the base in her sweet stroller. The other day, we put on Malone's first summer outfit, a sunny yellow tennis dress. I think its a sign of things to come, Malone playing tennis with mommy and daddy. How yuppy of us?! Here's some pictures of her in her super cute summer tennis outfit.

She was kind of giggly and getting sleepy so not so sturdy in the neck and body department.We've come to realize that Malone doesn't like pacifiers. How? By her vehemently spitting them out with disgust every time we try to put one in her mouth. She doesn't suck her thumb either. Rather she sucks her whole hand! Its so funny to see.

She randomly fell asleep the other day on her Boppy pillow. Cameron and I call this her lazy boy...and she fell asleep on it without us even noticing. I think we were doing something and all of a sudden she got kind of quiet (which made me nervous) and I looked over and she was doing the eyelid dance. The eyelid dance is when someone is so tired, but they are desperately trying to stay awake. So their eyelids kind of dance between being closed and open. Then all of a sudden she was out like a light, with her hands resting perfectly on her belly. SO cute!

Last but not least she is a squabbling machine. She is making all kinds of noises that sometimes even resemble words. Every once in a while Cameron and I will look at each other in amazement and ask, "Did she just say 'hello'?" We love hearing her interacting with us a bit more and can't wait until she can actually talk. Here's one last picture for you of Malone and her big beautiful blue eyes.
We are so thankful to have this little girl. It feels like she has always been in our little family. So here's a toast to Malone and her 2 month birthday! Hip, Hip Hooray!


Jill Meseke said...

She is just too cute! I want to give her a smooch on those chubby little cheeks. Miss you guys!

Catharine de Wet said...

Dad says she looks just like Cameron.