Monday, February 18, 2008

Update 2.22.08

Gosh, it seems like a lot has happened since I last wrote. The movers came, took all of our stuff which is probably already in Tacoma by now. Malone celebrated her 1 month birthday. We had a 1 month check-up with the doctor for Malone. We moved down to Altus, OK. We bought a house. All I can say is that is has been one busy week.

Moving- The movers came last Thursday and packed up all of our stuff. One of the perks to being in the military is that every time they send you somewhere new, a moving company comes and packs everything up for you. I mean, they literally get everything out of drawers, shelves and cupboards. I felt kind of like a lame-o just sitting around while someone else packed up all of our stuff, but we're not technically allowed to help. Then Friday, a ginormous truck came and took all of our stuff away. We spent then weekend furniture-less, with the exception of an air mattress and our computer (God bless the computer and internet). During the day we cleaned the house and at night we got caught up on LOST. Strangely enough, we kind of enjoyed the semi-camping.

House- We bought our first house! I can't remember right now if I told you this yet, but we bought a brand new house in Tacoma. It will be finished in April and ready for us to move into it shortly thereafter. We are so excited!

Altus- We finally left Enid, cars full, on Tuesday afternoon. Cameron, Malone and I were ready for our new adventure in Altus. But first we had to make it through the 3.5 hour drive there. Oh wait....did I say 3.5 hour? I meant to say 6-7 hour drive. That's right. What was supposed to be a 3.5 hour drive turned into a 6.5 hour drive with a baby screaming for most of it. It was crazy! Malone was not too happy about the car seat, long drive, being alone thing and she wasn't afraid to let me know. But finally we made it into town and Malone was also FINALLY asleep. Did I tell you about the hot dog factory in Altus? No? Pardon the mistake. Yes, my friends, there is a hot dog factory as you drive into town. Enough said. We're staying on base in a hotel-suite type of room. Its pretty small. Some day I'll write a post with pictures and all about it. The positive point of being here is that there is cable television in our room. I'm enjoying lots of FOODNETWORK, TLC and HOME & GARDEN channel :) But so far we're happy and getting adjusted to our new life.

Malone: YAY! Malone turned 1 month this past Sunday (She was born January 17th, contrary to a previous post where I mistakenly said she was born on the 19th, I'm such a bubble-head). We didn't really have a chance to celebrate, but have been enjoying the milestone anyways. Tuesday, we had a check up at the doctor's office. Malone passed everything with flying colors. She has grown an inch and gained almost 2 pounds!! Not to mention that she is more beautiful everyday. She is cooing and even smiled at me and Cameron yesterday. Both Cameron and I laughed so hard because it was soo darn cute. We looked so retarded, I'm sure that's why she was smiling at us. Nevertheless, it felt like some sort of parenting victory. I even cried! Here's some picture updates:This was taken a little while ago on Feb. 9th. I had just given her a bath and did her hair. Can you see her little curly Mohawk?

This is her "dad, what are you doing? " look.

Sleeping beauty taken yesterday.
This is just a funny picture to me. PS: I realize that she is wearing the same outfit in all these pictures. Purely coincidence. I promise, I do change her clothes.

There it is friends, what we've been up to the last week. Feel free to leave us comments. I welcome questions, suggestions even comments on who you think Malone looks like (I like to say that she is a lovechild between Cameron and my dad. She has features of both of them). We love you all and love having you in our lives!

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Jill Meseke said...

I love reading the blog! I feel like we are actually there with you guys when I read it. I love the new house... It looks huge! We have lots to tell you guys, so I will call soon. A ton has happened since I talked to you last. Malone is beautiful, just like her Mommy. We miss you guys.