Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Tomorrow the movers come to pack up our stuff and send it to Washington. Our stuff is going ahead of us by a few months to scout things out. If that was the truth, all that they would be scouting is a military storage unit. But all kidding aside, I've been attempting to sort through my clothes, Malone's stuff and house things to see what we'll need in the next few months before we have a splendid reunion with our things in our new house (did I mention that I think Cameron and I bought a house yesterday....I say "I think" because we're still in the process...I think...that's for a whole other post). Its kind of daunting to try to decide what you NEED based on unknowns. We don't really know exactly when we'll be going to Washington, we don't know what our housing situation will be in Altus, we don't know what the weather will be like in 2 months, we don't know what Malone will be like in 3 months, see, lots of unknowns.

Speaking of Malone, it struck me the other day that she is almost 1 month old. Time has flown! I was wondering, is she still considered a newborn? Then I got kind of sad, thinking that perhaps I haven't cherished these first few weeks enough. After all, I will never have these moments again with her. Then, I realized that I will think that at every stage of her life, because indeed I will never have that particular stage with her again. Its little overwhelming to realize that you can't take any day for granted because you will never have it again. So in the last few days, I've tried to avoid feeling consumed by all the STUFF and just focus on her a bit more. I try to look at her a little longer, study her various faces a little more, play with her a little more, just enjoy her a bit more. Its been really great. So, below is a string of pictures we took this morning in mommy and Malone time (Cameron has the camera, oh...and he's on his way back from Washington). Looking at these pictures I'm not sure if she has really enjoyed the extra time with me. But luckily, I don't think she's old enough to care!

Picture 1: She looks a little worried.

Picture 2: This is her "mom, you're so weird" look.

Picture 3: Whoops. Her head is still a bit floppy. I think you can actually see me saying, "whoops."

Picture 4: Her face shows what she just did in her diaper. My face shows my surprise at the noise coming from her diaper. HAHA!It will probably be a few days before I write again due to the move, but I'll try to sneak away to update you all on how she's doing with the world as she knows it completely changing.

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