Thursday, February 7, 2008


I am pleased to announce that Malone and I have reached a temporary truce regarding outings. Our agreement includes compromise on both our parts, however, the conclusion is satisfactory. I have agreed to feeding her for a REALLY long time before we leave, waiting until she's asleep, wrapping her up nice and warm and then taking a SHORT trip to Walmart and then she'll be really sweet and sleep the whole time while I buy some diapers that don't leak gross things all over her clothes, yogurt, oranges and an already made rotissery chicken (sadly, I haven't figured out how to cook as a single parent) and maybe even let me eat some of the chicken. This deal worked out quite well for us. Although, it is at this time only a temporary truce, I consider it a major VICTORY for tired new moms everywhere! So with that, I stand with my fists in the air and cheer "Victory! Victory!"

On another note, I would show you a picture of how beautifully serene she is right now (part of her deal), but can't locate the camera. But as soon as I do, I'll post her weekly Birthday Picture. Can you believe she's on week 3? And more beautiful than ever!

PS: Because I feel really bad not posting a picture today, I thought I would share with you a picture of Cameron giving Maloners a bath earlier this week. Needless to say, she loves her wonderful daddy!

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Justin Steinhart said...

You may have a future in comedic writing...I laugh out loud as I've been following the parenting adventure.