Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Real FOOD!

Malone turned 4 months over the weekend. We're such dorky parents that we actually semi-celebrated it by singing to her with all the gusto we could manage. Somehow this "birthday" just felt like a real milestone. Along with being 4 months, she received a few presents. First, we're pretty sure she is in the process of receiving her teeth a.k.a teething. All of a sudden she's not the sweet-all-the-time baby we've grown accustomed to. Plus, she is wanting to chew on everything including fingers, fists, blankets, legs of her toys, I mean everything!!! And drooling is flowing like water from a waterfall. Second, she tried her first bites of real food. I'll let you figure out from the pictures how she liked her Gerber Applesauce. The pictures are in order of events.

Picture 1: Awaiting the so called "real" food.
Picture 2: Growing impatient as she decides to feast on her hand

Picture 3: Me giving her the first bite
Picture 4: She looks a little mad at me for giving her this terrible food.

Picture 4: She looks confused
Picture 5: Look at that face...we were laughing so hard at her face.
Picture 6: Cameron trying
From the looks of it she didn't really know what to think. And luckily for us, there was no spitting out of Applesauce either! Maybe we'll try the banana variety today.

By the way, it looks as if we will be heading out on our Washington journey fairly soon. Hopefully, Cameron will have his final flight here in Altus on next Wednesday, we'll head out to Enid for a few days on Thursday and make it to Colorado Springs sometime the following week (probably June 4 or 5). Then on to Wyoming for a few days and cross our fingers, make it to Washington by June 14th. Any tips on traveling with a 4-month old? Send them my way!!!!!


Nick & Brittney said...

how fun!!! those faces are hilarious! happy 4 month birthday Malone!

Jill Meseke said...

Malone has the greatest expressions on her face! I want to meet her so badly. I have looked at these pictures a few times, because they are so funny. Along with such beauty, Malone has quite a personality.