Thursday, June 26, 2008

Attention All Readers: Pictures of the new house will be posted soon! I know I have built a heap of anticipation in your hearts. But now, I am taking on my motherly role and trying to teach you a little bit of patience. :) Cameron is on a little trip and accidentally took the camera along (a collective "Boo!" is in order). However, Malone and I are having a great time, playing with one another, reading, taking walks and just enjoying our time together. Since last week, she has become a rolling master, no longer safe on the couch, bed or anything she can roll off of. This is exciting because it is a pretty big sign of her growing like she should, however, it means that she is well on her way to becoming mobile and no longer "safe". But we are excited about her new skills and try to work on her sitting up and crawling skills. So far, she is getting the hang of crawling backwards, however, forwards is still a bit frustrating to her no matter what I dangle in front of her.

OK, so since I don't have anything exciting to report on I thought I would tell you some random things about Malolo and I.

1. Sometimes when people ask me how old I am, I instinctively want to say 22. Why, I don't know...maybe because it as a big year? I don't know.

2. Malone's favorite toy right now is her brightly colored KEYS. They are the magic keys that will soothe aching gums, provide entertainment and unlock the door to sleepy- time in the car.

3. I just discovered that I don't like to watch Dr. Phil. Somewhere, Cameron is rejoicing.

4. I don't think Malone has a very developed olfactory system. Why? Sometimes in the morning when she wakes up and is all googly, we like to play. She never seems to flinch at my morning breathe. Either she's a really good actor or can't smell very well.

5. Cameron always accuses me of being a fake coffee drinker. He says that I drink Starbucks just because its cool, because I never finish my drink. In all reality, I love my tall- upside- down Caramel Macchiato. I just can't guzzle it down like him. And, its almost like a snack to me, not so much a thirst quencher. Sometimes, I get busy and forget about it (if we're at home) or sometimes, I just get full.

6. I have a secret (I guess not so much anymore) theory that there's a lot of people in Colorado who pretend to like outdoorsy stuff because they live in Colorado. My friend Sarabeth always makes fun of me for this theory. However, this is the first time I might admit to being wrong in my theory. I like Washington. Washington is outdoorsy. I miss outdoorsy stuff. I'm excited to take Malone to the mountains.

7. I have childhood memories that no one in my family remembers.

8. Yes and Lolo loves her daddy.

There you go folks. Hope life is going well for you. It is for us :)

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