Sunday, February 15, 2009

Malone's First Birthday!

I'm back! So, Malone had her first birthday about a month ago. The party was so rockin' that we needed about a month to recover. Hence, you're only seeing the pictures now. Man, that girl is one party animal!

I spent all week preparing for the party that included a food spread, decorations, cupcakes, presents and of course, friends (mostly Cameron and I's friends with the exception of 3 of Malone's favorite buddies, Eva, Leighton and Matty). Malone was the best little birthday girl, entertaining everyone, opening presents and digging into her first ever cupcake like a champ! And here are the pictures to prove it.


First, please note the cutest birthday girl outfit in the history of birthday outfits. It was a pink shirt, green little skirt and bright tights. She rocked it...if only the bow would have stayed.
Here's my lovely food table
Look at these super cute chocolate lollipops my friend, Yami made.
Marc and Beth helping us with decorations.
Time to open presents!

I include the next picture because vainly, I think my arms look skinny. All that running has been paying my arms....I'm excited to share my moment of vanity with you. Now, don't go staring at my arms in all the rest of the pictures. Its Malone's day!
Look at this super cute rain coat my Ouma sent Malone. It has ladybugs all over! I can't wait for her to wear it!
Phew, opening soooo many presents can wear a girl out!
The party guests

Malone's friend, Matty

The evening ended with Malone eating her cupcake. She devoured it. Note the fists full of frosting. And promptly needed a bath afterwards.


Sarabeth said...

Oh my gosh, the picture of her konked out in your lap while opening presents is so cute I can't even stand it!

Yami Marv said...

Love the pictures! She is just so adorable. My fav: the pic of her eating her cupcake, so cute! And yes, your arms do look skinny! Hot, hot, hot! Love you guys!