Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where in the World are the Schaefers?

Here's some clues:

1. Its warm

2. Its dry and desert-y (we're bathing in lotion....ok, not really, but maybe we should)

3. Close to another country

4. Cameron is in training. Again.

5. We've travelled through 7 states.

6. We've survived 3 kids ear infections (out of 4 ears) and I'm pretty sure 2 sinus infections too. So this is not a clue to anything, but I just wanted to let you know an overarching theme to our road trip.

7. This state has THE BEST green chili burgers EVER.

Where are we?

Why, yes. We are in New Mexico!


Megan said...

Green chili burgers? Yum!

What happened to Vegas?

Marelize said...

@Megan: We are still on our way to Vegas, just taking a little detour in New Mexico for a little bit, while Cameron does some training.

Leigh Anna said...

ear infections. make sure those are non-existent when i arrive

Laura said...

Oh dear New Mexico! The best place for green chili cheeseburgers!! You're in my old stomping grounds, but it has been too long to know the good hole-in-the-wall places now. :-)