Saturday, December 13, 2008

Drowned Rat

Yesterday did not start off as the best day. I had a doctor's appointment to go to in the morning. I managed to take a shower, straighten my hair (I mention this because it takes time and it may seem trivial, but important to the story later on), got dressed, fed Malone breakfast, got her cleaned up and dressed, and out the door we went. One little thing I should mention. Surprise, surprise! It was raining and pretty cold.

We arrived at the clinic and I was starting to execute my detailed plan to get myself, Malone, the stroller, and all our stuff out of the car and into the building with as little rain damage as possible. All was going well until.... I accidentally locked Malone in the car......and the award for Mother of The Year goes to......Me!!!! I kinda freaked out a little, tapping on random people's windows in the parking lot (in the pouring rain) asking to use their cell phones. Luckily, I had popped the trunk to get the stroller out and some nice Air Force gentleman crawled into my trunk, somehow got part of my backseat open and reached to unlock my door. Malone was relatively unscathed, all nice and warm in the car. I, on the other hand, was not so lucky. By the time I made it into the clinic, I had been standing in the FREEZING RAIN for 15-20 minutes. I was soaked from top to bottom (and my nicely straightened hair was no longer so straight), including my new wool/polyester coat that apparently smells like poop when it gets wet. Note to self!

I looked and smelled like a drowned rat walking in the clinic. I received a wide range of stares, stares of pity, stares of confusion, stares of judgment...I got them all! Anyways, after a quick doctor visit, we waited 45 minutes to get my medicine. Lets just say, by the time we got back in the car Malone was ready for a nap. So much action really took it out of her. Here she is when we got home.
Here was my hair a couple hours after we got home. By then, I looked significantly better and was significantly warmer.

Thank you very much for my Mother of The Year award. I will dust it occasionally and try not to lock it in the car.


Catherine White said...

I'm sure it happens to all mom's at some point! Don't feel bad! And a quick note, your hair looks really cute partially straight/curly. I think most people when they try to curl their hair are trying to achieve that cute of a look!

Sara Joy said...

I love this story! I wish I were with you when it happened. Malolo is such a trooper...and so are you :)
Love and miss you dear friend.