Saturday, December 13, 2008

Last Week

Here's a few things I forgot to tell you/show you:

- We are spending the Holidays as a separated military family...I know, feel bad for us. Long story made short, it was looking like Cameron would not be home for Christmas. He didn't want Malone and I to sit by ourselves at home on Christmas and due to recent events in my family, we decided it would be best if I go to Alabama (to my parents') for Christmas. When all is said and done we will not have seen one another for about a month. Boo!

- We went to have a sushi lunch for Cameron's birthday. He was in sushi heaven. Then he saw it. Tempura fried Oreos. Many of you might not know, but Cameron has an unnatural love for Oreos. And this just threw him over the edge. I could only eat about one before I felt sick, but he loved them.

- Malone's hair is getting way long. And she is no longer a fan of the bows. My heart is a little sad.- Malone has gotten so smart!!!! We were Skyping (video chatting) with my sister, Lydia and Malone went crazy. Not only did she take 8 steps trying to get to Lydia on the computer, but she was really trying to find Lydia. She couldn't understand how she could see Lyddie on the computer, but when she looked behind the computer screen she was gone. How funny?!

- Cameron and I went to his squad's Christmas party on Saturday. It was so fun to get dressed up, and get out of the house. Our good friends Marc and Beth were very kind and watched Malolo. Here we are all dressed up. Sorry for the bad photo. Our camera was having issues. We look pretty smokin' though, right?- Malone looks so cute in her little winter, puffy vest. Plus, here she's standing.- I love Malone.
Tomorrow, I'll update you on our first meeting with Santa. Apparently, he comes early to military bases.


Christelly said...

hey! you aren't just visiting Alabama(your parents') YOU'RE VISITING YOUR LITTLE SISTER TOO!!!

Jill Meseke said...

I love Malone too!!! I love the video of her trying to figure out where you sister is. Too funny! I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas. I didn't send out Christmas cards this year, because it has been way too hectic. Next year I will be more organized. Miss you guys!