Sunday, January 11, 2009

Meeting Santa & Moo-moo

Right before Christmas, Malone and I went to meet Santa at the Base. Apparently, Santa makes special arrangements to meet the folks at McChord AFB before Christmas. We had a nice breakfast with the Webbs and then the time came to meet Father Christmas himself.

Lets just say that Malone and Santa were not fast friends. We walked on stage and I put her on his lap and the crying started. Luckily this Santa was an experienced dad and immediately knew what to do. She sat on my lap with Santa behind us, all for THE picture.

Our new friend Santa:
Santa did not come without gifts. He brought Malone, Moo-Moo. I know, 10 points to the creative mom who came up with that name (ummm...its me)! Its the first stuffed animal that Malone adores, walks around with and hugs and eats his face/legs/arms in a total loving way. We love you Moo-Moo!

And she continued to work on her standing/walking (which currently, she is a pro at). Doesn't she look like the cutest winter bunny ever?!


Jill said...

Finally an update!!! We've been waiting. Malone looks adorable in her winter outfit, and with Santa. Hope all is well with you guys.

Melanie said...

She is so stinken cute!!!

Sara Joy said...

yay! go malonie!