Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas Chronicles: Part Deux

** PS: Happy Birthday to my sweet, beautiful, wonderful, Mom!**

We woke up Christmas morning, early...I guess the days of sleeping in a little on Christmas are definitely OVER! We gathered the whole family and got ready for the Christmas festivities to begin. First, the oh-so-wise patriarch of our family read the wonderful story of our Jesus' birth. All morning, I was just missing Cameron so much and just wishing he could be a part of Malone's first Christmas. I was trying to hold back the little tears all morning. When we spent a few moments in prayer, I was working overtime to not cry. However, my family is not one shy of the tears. So when I saw my mom in tears and then my sister and then my grandma, I couldn't hold it back anymore! It was a mix of sadness and of gratefulness. Despite our little family separation, the Lord has been so good to not only Cameron and I, but our entire family.

But soon, we all recovered and started opening our presents, one by one, as is the tradition in my family. Malone LOVED tearing all the paper. She was definitely a fan of Christmas.

So just to show you how much I love you, my dear readers, I am letting you into a deep, deep part of my life. I will show you not only myself without make-up but also having just bawled for a good hour :) Be afraid, be very afraid.

Here's Malone's pile of presents.
She's loving her Mozart music box. Thank you, Ouma & Oupa!

Ouma, Joel and Emma (the "dat" as Malone says)
Malone and her South African rag doll from Ouma
Tearing the big present open. I am sleeping, rocking out or just got hit in the face by pick.
Ahhh we're drowning in paper.


Sara Joy said...

I pick that you were rocking out sweet friend. Sorry for the hardship of being away from Cam so often...the Lord will bless these days. You are sewing good seeds! Love you both & Lolo a lot.

Melanie said...

Marelize, that is THE SADDEST picture I have ever seen in my entire life. You poor thing! I hate that you two had to spend Christmas apart. I pray next year's will be spent together!