Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thankful for today, NOT yesterday

You should be thankful that I am writing you today and NOT yesterday. Let's just say, it was a little bit of a rough day. Luckily, today is a much better day so I have enough clarity of mind to not break down and cry describing my day. Yay!

Malone had been having a super high fever since Monday night (when she woke up every hour). She was ok Tuesday so we thought it was just her incoming molars (super ouch!) because she had no other symptoms. No runny nose, no cough, thank heavens no throwing up...nothing. She was fine, until about 11:30pm, right around the time I had just been asleep deep enough to enjoy it. She woke up, and consequently woke up again every 20 minutes the entire night. So finally, I just got my pillows and some blankets and slept in her room with my arm through the slats of her crib. My arm fell asleep, my hips fell asleep, but Malone...she did not fall asleep. Poor Malulu, she was miserable. Finally, I took her out of her crib and she slept for about 2 hours in my arms on the floor.

Where was Cameron during all of this? That's what I thought too. Well, he just got back from being overseas and was a tad jet-lagged. They give the pilots some sleeping pills to regulate their sleep a bit since they are all over the time zone map. Since she was fine on Tuesday he thought it would be fine to take one Tues night because he was at 4, 356 on the sheep count. Hence, he was so deeply asleep that an incident including a sippy cup, Motrin, stairs and being awake/walking cannot be recollected. Yikes.

So after the night of no sleep, Malone was uber cranky, and so was I. Then the doctor said to bring her in but they had no appointments available. I was wanting to eat yummy food at playgroup that I shouldn't (more on that later). And then Cameron called and said he was leaving again MUCH sooner than we had anticipated. I just wanted to throw my arms in the air, slouch to the ground and throw a mini 2 year old tantrum. That's allowed sometimes, right?

But today is much better. Malone and I went to the doctor and she's at the tail end of a virus. YAY! She slept through the night last night. YAY! She made me laugh really hard during lunch. YAY! And I get to go on a date with Cameron. Double YAY!

So, in return for listening to my whining, I will share some videos/funny pictures.

Funny thing #1: Here's what I was laughing at so hard today during lunch. I turned around and saw Malone. Notice anything strange. Hint: She's got a new 'do.

I was laughing... then she was laughing...
then she wasn't laughing anymore

Funny thing #2: Malone discovered Cameron's hat. I won't divulge into what importance that hat has to Cameron, but let's just say that Malone sees it a lot. And this day, it looked pretty cool to her from inside of it.

I'm surprised she could even figure out what she was playing with. She can't see.

Ummm...just walking around with a hat over my face

Clearly she is not impressed that I stole the hat from her.

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JillMeseke said...

I'm sorry that you had a rough day yesterday!!! I know it must be hard when Cameron is gone. Phil is gone right now for a month, and I am wanting to have tantrums over taking care of the dog. I feel overwhelmed... and I can't imagine if Chester was an actual baby... We really miss you friend. I hope Malone is feeling better, and that you had a great date with Cameron.