Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring has Sprung

By golly, it was a nice day in these neck of the woods! After months of clouds, rain and grayness, we thought the sun got lost and couldn't find its way to us anymore. But today it found us! Yay!

Not only did we have a great weather day, but Malone looked cuter than a button. And she did so great at the nursery in church. She didn't cry at all. Yay!

This is Malone before church. She was a little tired. But soooooo cute.

Loving the new car seat.
My favorite of the day
Apparently we like to smoke green beans now...just kidding...we don't smoke.
Oh and then we eat them.
She's such a big girl now. She even has gotten a new big girl car seat.


Sara Kay said...

She is so stinkin' cute!

Catharine de Wet said...

This is her Ouma's best grandbaby!

Sara Joy said...
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Sara Joy said...

Oh she's soooo cute! I miss you guys so much.

Leigh Anna said...

I'm really wishing I could see some Altus photos...

I'm also really wishing I could see some recent photos of my favorite little person. I'm sure she is growing!!!

Miss you.