Wednesday, December 5, 2007

We're headed to Tacoma, WA

Its official! Cameron and I (and baby Malone once she arrives) will be moving to beautiful Tacoma, WA. Friday night, Cameron's pilot training class had their Assignment Night. The room was packed. Everyone filled with excitement and I'm sure some anxiety as families were about to see their fate for at least the next four years. Its amazing how one moment can define your life for the next few years. They called each student up one by one, made a few witty remarks about all the stupid things the student did and then gave a few different choices of plane. One by one they disappeared until one is left with the plane they are going to fly for the next ten years and then the location for the next four years. CRAZY! My heart stopped when I saw, C-17 to McChord AFB, Tacoma, Washington. I wish I could have seen my face. Not because I was disappointed or upset, but because it was soooo unexpected for me. All that to say, both Cameron and I are so excited and can't wait. It really is the perfect assignment for us.

Tacoma is a city about 40 minutes south of Seattle. The city has a population of about 200,000 with lots of young, tech-savvy people. It has little bakeries and cafes, beautiful parks, antique stores, downtown condos, old Victorian houses that is completely remodeled, boutiques and lots of things to do outdoors. Need I say how excited we are to live in this environment??!!

Cameron gets to fly the C-17, the newest heavy plane in the Air Force. There's all kinds of really cool things about it, but to read all about that, look at his blog .

We're not quite sure yet as to the timeline of all the moves. We plan to start looking for houses soon (maybe a cute little townhouse downtown Tacoma?) and will keep you updated on the whole process. Maybe I'll even put up pictures of possible houses? We'll have to see....


PS: The plan is to put up the Christmas Tree today. But really, who knows? I planned on putting up the tree two weeks ago. If it actually goes up before Christmas, I'll make sure to put up pic. :)

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