Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Definitely, I think

People, I have good news. Malone definitely has sprouted her first tooth, I think. Its still a little hard to see, but you can feel it, on the off chance that she lets you stick your finger in her mouth. She's been having a few hard days lately and now I know why. I can't wait for it (her tooth) to get bigger and for her to have the cute little toothy smile. Although, before Cameron and I had children we figured the probability of them having hereditary bad teeth. I was lucky enough to have been blessed with semi-straight teeth, but others in my family, who shall not be named, was not. Not to mention Cameron, who's orthodontist can enjoy a lavish retirements thanks to the work he did on Cameron's pearly whites. We decided she has a 75% chance of having bad teeth. But we will love her anyways, we'll just be a bit poorer for it....oh wait, actually the United States Air Force will be a bit poorer for it. Thank you, tax payers of America!

Picture 1: She's showing you her pearly whites.

Picture 2: Evidence that everything goes into her mouth right now. She looks like we caught her.

In anyways, life has returned to a semi-normal state. Although, we are in the midst of a month and a half chock full of visitors! And we like it that way! My sister, Lydia and my brother-in-law, Joel arrived today for a little visit. We will be visiting art museums, music and science-fiction museums and just enjoy all that the area has to offer. Then Cameron's dad and step-mom will be coming the day after Lydia and Joel leave. Then our friend, Justin. Then, our friend Eryn. Can life get any better?!! We are so excited for all the visitors. A life with friends is a rich life.

PS: She was playing with this chew toy and it became her hat. HAHA.


bratarmy29 said...

hi, i just stumbled across your blog on blogrush. first of all, your baby is absolutely adorable. And although I'm all the way in Melbourne, I'm very interested in the United States Armed Forces, and the loved ones of those serving under it. I look forward to reading more of your posts

Christelly said...

So Marelize, i think that your child has to be the cutest baby on earth....i just wanna steal MaFloFlo away!!!!!