Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Minor Parenting Victory, grass and noggins

I love Malone. I love how silly she is. I love her little smile. I love when she gets the hiccups like she has right now. I love hearing her trying to tell me a story. I love it when she holds my face with both her hands and smiles. Agghhh, it warms my little heart just to think about it. And now I love that she is sleeping in her own crib and through the night. With this new and recent adjustment I feel like so much more has changed in her than just her sleeping location. I feel like she's more grown up. Like she's one step closer to going to leaving the house and going to college (I don't even want to think about Kindergarten at this point).

Is every step of her growth and development going to be this bittersweet?

In other news, I have to tell you what a rock star husband I have. He spent all last weekend (with the help of some friends and one really nice neighbor) preparing our backyard for topsoil, laying the topsoil, fertilizing, and laying sod in our backyard. He worked so hard. I was impressively impressed with his yard work skills. I, on the other hand, felt like a total loser who just sat on the steps and watched. Granted, I was put in charge of Malone (much harder according to Cameron although I think he was trying to be nice). Still I felt like this was totally something I should've been helping with, out there sweating, getting sand under my nails and mud on my face. Anyways, the grass is laid. Now we just have to put up a fence and finish our patio. Here's some pictures of the "sod party", our nice green grass and our sad little patio.

In even more other news, Malone has adopted a Yoga Crawl as her means of transportation. Let it be known that I think she's the inventor of the Yoga Crawl. As you can see in the following video, she does not crawl on her hands and knees like most babies. Instead she gets on her hands and her feet with her bum in the air, very similar to a yoga pose whose name I cannot remember and then she goes into the yoga pose, "downward dog" although Malone is less graceful and instead just jumps forward onto her face. Nonetheless, she is on the move.

And for our last story of the evening, I took Malolo to the doctor on Tuesday for her six month check-up. And did we have a heck of a time. The doctor came in and started checking her out and at first she was a bit cranky (darn appointments right in the middle of nap time) but then all of a sudden she started laughing hysterically at the doctor. I think it was a bit of a nervous laugh but funny nonetheless. In fact, so funny that I was laughing hysterically as well all the while the doctor looked at us like we were coo- koo. Despite the jokes, Malone is healthy and strong with a bit of a big noggin (65th percentile for her head circumference). Apparently, she's smart too! Isn't that what a big head means?

Sorry, one more addition. We went to something called Seafair on Saturday. Long story made short, ever watch "The Deadliest Catch" on Discovery Channel? For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, its a tv show that chronicles the adventures of crab boats fishing in the REALLY cold, crazy waters near Alaska. Anyways, we got to go aboard "The Northwestern" (one of the boats) and meet the Captain and the crew. It was pretty awesome. We got to go aboard because one of Cameron's pilot training classmates did a fly over for the fair and got us VIP passes. Fun, huh?

Well, I better go before Malone has my hair for dinner...ouch!!


Jill Meseke said...

Hey excited to see that you updated your blog. We really miss you guys. Just lonely in Jackson. We haven't met many people yet:( Looks like you guys are doing great. The sod and the house look great. Love Malone in shades. Miss you!

Marelize said...

Thanks, Jill. We miss you guys too! Saturday nights just aren't the same without you. How's the house in Jackson? Malone says dadadadad which means "Hello Jill, I miss you too. Thanks for saying I'm hot in my sunnies.":)