Saturday, July 19, 2008

I bet you never knew

I've been thinking a lot about marriage the last couple of days. I'm not sure why. Perhaps it was because Cameron and I got to go on our first date since Malone's birth this week (many hugs and kisses to Christelly who babysat Malone). Perhaps I am discovering some new joys and challenges of marriage. Perhaps this has just been a week full of learning moments, good ones, but learning nonetheless. So I came up with a plan that would give you a bit of insight into our lives.

We would interview one another. It could be disasterous, completely boring or explosive. But it will be enlightening either way.

First I would interview Cameron....Its my blog so I get to go first, plus, its my idea. Hmmm...what secrets have I always wanted to know?????

M: Describe your childhood.
C: Happy, all- American, lots of sports, good friends and great family trips.

M: When did you first realize that you loved me?
C: Uhhh.... I can't tell you a certain point, not like a lightbulb turning on or anything. It just grew over time.
M: But when did you realize that you loved me enough to marry me? You're not giving me what I'm looking for.
C: Probably when I introduced you to my family and friends for the first time. I forget when that was.
M: Thanksgiving in Laramie 2004.

M: What memory or instance describes our relationship to you?
C: Playing rock, paper, scissors in the Frankfurt airport.
M: Really??!! Why?
C: Fun, relaxed and well-traveled.

M: Describe me, your wonderful, beautiful, loving, incredible wife.
C: Kind, funny, thoughtful, wise, natural mom, beautiful, wonderful cook, good conservationist.

M: What is your greatest hope for our family?
C: I don't know about my greatest hope but whenever I think of the end result I always have a mental picture of all my children and their children sitting around a giant dining room table at Thanksgiving, eating wonderful food, drinking good wine, loving the fact that we love the Lord and each other.

M: What is the top 3 fun things you want to do in life?
C: Go to the Kentucky Derby, Super Bowl, African hunting safari.

M: If you could redo one instance or moment in your life, what would it be?
C: Not being so cynical my first two years at the Academy (Air Force Academy). Just cause I feel like I missed out on some good experiences by chalking them up as "Academy Stuff".

M: What is the hardest part of being married to me? Careful, remember I am responsible for the food you intake.
C: Just learning to not be selfish and think about someone else before you think about yourself.

M: Would you rather have a huge hairy mole on your lip (where everyone could see it and stare at it) or a very painful sore on your back (where noone could see it, but it is very painful)?
C: On the back. Physical pain is way easier to deal with than social pain.

M: What is something that the readers of this blog would be shocked to discover about me?
C: Your goofiness. You're just a lot more silly in private than you are in public.

M: What has been your favorite part of becoming a father?
C: Having her smile at me.

M: What has been the most challenging aspect of becoming a father?
C: The constancy of it.

M: What is something that you wish people knew about you (obviously that most don't)?
C: I'm a terrible dancer.
M: You are not. You're a better dancer than me. Perhaps that says more about my dancing abilities than yours.
C: I think people know everything about me.

M: Well, alright.

I know Cameron hates these kinds of questions, but I always think its really interesting and by officially interviewing him for my blog, he has to answer. I'm a sneaky little thing aren't I? You're surprised I didn't ask him all questions about me, aren't you? Don't worry I didn't want to bore you too much. I keep my readership in mind. Next--- Cameron interviewing me. Put on your seatbelts, folks, this is going to be a crazy ride!

C: What was the hardest of moving to America?
M: Umm....just being far away from my family.

C: What was your favorite memory from theMill?
M: The first fall retreat, just everything about it. I just remember feeling so lucky that I got to do what I got to do.

C: Did you feel like you were a bit young to be getting married?
M: No, I was just worried that we were being naive and that reality would catch up with us one day. And so I tried to stir up fights with you in order to make sure that you knew what you were getting into.

C: What's the hardest part of living with me?
M: Sometimes you're really clean about stuff I'm not clean about and other times you're not clean about stuff I'm clean about.

C: What do you foresee as our biggest potential marital problem and how do you plan on helping prevent it?
M: You being gone all the time and me feeling like I'm not a part of your life. I think I'll try to prevent this by first, voicing those feelings when they are happening. Second, me having a good attitude about things and keeping them in perspective. And third, trying to have some of my own social activities so that you're not my only social outlet.

C: Where would you like to go on our 20th wedding anniversary?
M: Back to the same places we went on our honeymoon - Paris, Greece and Italy. But, this time fly first-class.

C: What's your favorite part of the day with Malone? Why?
M: I like it right when she wakes up from a nap and she's super happy and googly and I can play with her.

C: How many more kids do you want?
M: Maybe two or three more.

C: What is your idea of the perfect family vacation?
M: To the beach where we can relax, but also play with the kids in the water and build sand castles...and I can teach them how to boogie board and just play in general.

C: What skill do you think is most critical to being a good wife and mother?
M: Wisdom and being wise enough to follow the wisdom you know

C: If I run for President what issue would you take ownership of and seek to change?
M: (Lot's of laughs and a sarcastic answer about milk production) I don't know, health care seems like to big of an issue, education is too cliche...maybe working on getting America more physically healthy.

There you have it folks. Hope you have learned something, had a little laugh and maybe even shed a tear. Thanks for help with this, Babe. You're great!


Tiffany Hope said...

Aw, I really enjoyed this! I love being nosy about other people's marriages! ;)

Brian Worster said...

I think this should be an ongoing series.

JudgeRight said...

I was wondering if you could stand a Stumble Upon reference and review of this article? I followed a link from your hubby's blog and discovered this. Awesome!!!

I find this a very encouraging look into a valuable family outlook.

Marelize said...

@Judgeright Sounds good to me. Glad enjoyed it!