Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy 6 month Birthday Malolo!

Today is Malone's 6 month birthday. She seems to be growing and developing exponentially fast, especially these last few weeks. She's rolling over, starting to crawl, babbling (Did we really hear, "dada" today?), eating real food, sitting up all like a real grown up little person. We are enjoying seeing how the Lord has created her little body and personality to develop like this. She is such a joy!

With that being said, here is a few birthday pics of Malone.

On a side note, I found these little baby leg warmers (as seen below). They are called Baby Leggings and they are fabulous. They are genuinely like leg warmers, but meant to be used as leggings. Malone is sporting her cute little striped ones below, but they have a million different kinds. They are especially helpful for Malone so she doesn't scrape up her knees on the carpet. Love them!

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Jill Meseke said...

Happy Birthday Malone!!! Please give her a big kiss for me. Tell Cameron, Phil and I are officially "bobo" wannabees...minus having the lots of money part. We are officially Jackson residents and moved into our Belhaven duplex yesterday. I think Belhaven is the ultimate "bobo" community..hahah The house is old, needs probably a ton of work, but fabulous. (good thing we're still renting though) I'll put pics on myspace when I get some. Miss you guys and love you... Oh, did I mention that Malone is beautiful!!! I can tell she has a huge personality too.