Friday, November 6, 2009

It's Friday and I'm in love....

10 points to whoever can name the band who sings that song....Anyways, its Friday (or will be in a couple of hours) and I have a couple of things on my mind.

- I'm feeling kinda craftsy these days. I'm "working" on a couple of projects for the upcoming holidays. And by "working", I mean, I will start working on a couple of projects any day now. First, ABC flashcards for Malone. Because I have been given such an incredible gift for art, I will hand make the flash cards. S is for Stick Figures. Second, I will be attempting to make a version of this wreath for our front door and two little ones to hang on the lights on either side of our garage. How hard can it be right?
From Restoration Hardware

- I found this awesome bucket Advent Calendar yesterday. How cute is it? The buckets are only about 3 or 4 inches big, so all in all, it can hang across our mantle. If only it wasn't $70.
From Garnet Hill

- I've been reflecting a lot on what our life will look like the next couple of years. Based on Cameron's career, we do not have much stability in terms of any sort of normal schedule. We can never plan anything ahead of time with certainty that he'll be here. How can I make our home a place of stability for our children? How do I remain steady and stable in my own way? How do my expectations of Cameron when he is home line up with what is realistic? How do we have a normal life? The truth is that I am so thankful for Cameron. His presence just adds so much to our lives. There are moments when its unbearable without him home. Thoughts all running through my mind on a regular basis.

- I'm almost 28 weeks pregnant and have been having way more contractions with this little one than I did with Malone. I don't think I even knew I was having contractions with her. Someone tell me this is normal.

- Its my birthday next week. I'll be 26. Officially in my late twenties. With a husband. And a mortgage. And almost 2 kids. So this is what adulthood feels like?

- We have a neighbor who drives a truck with a dual exhaust and it is really loud. It drives me batty. Seriously, why do you need to let the whole neighborhood know that you are coming and going? People have sleeping babies. And a dual exhaust was cool in 1995.

- Malone was so funny yesterday. She took off all her clothes (how?) and ran around naked for a good while. It was soo funny. She was just a crazy, little, naked baby running around. I guess you had to be there. :)

- I'm loving Jane Eyre right now. Almost done. *Spoiler Alert* I'm at the part where Jane just left Mr. Rochester's, heartbroken, and was begging for food in some random town, and was nursed back to health by the Rivers. What is gonna happen? How is she gonna make a living? What about Mr. Rochester?
Will Jane ever find love?

- I'm thinking about requesting a mid-wife at baby's delivery. In our military medical system, I get all my prenatal care on our base clinic, but then will deliver at the Army hospital close by. I will not know who my doctor is until I get there. But I can request a mid-wife. Any thoughts on an OB vs. mid-wife?

- I am craving carob chips. They're fake chocolate chips, but better tasting. Where can I find them? Mid-wives...carob chips...the northwest is getting to me.


Thea said...

Love the wreath and bucket's bad for me to see things like this becuase I either a) decide I can make it better, cheaper and rope myself into a project I shouldn't or b)try to explain to my husband why $70 for little metal buckets with numbers is totally worthwhile :)

On the OB/Midwife thing I have to say that I've had an OB I really love but I have a midwife this time and I don't think I could go back to having an OB again unless it was the same OB in CO I had before...the midwife / patient relationship tends to be more nurturing. Of course since you will meet her when you arrive it may be different than it would be if you got to know her throughout your pregnancy but still...more likely to be a woman who you'll appreciate having attend you...they have lower c-section rates in general also since they have to refer out to an attending surgeon.

Sorry about the dual exhaust! We have a few college students who like loud music...I can hear it 4 houses down... :)

Thea said...
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Sara Kay said...

I have tons of contractions - did with the last one, and do with this one. I think I had contractions 7 minutes apart for the last two months with Audrey. This time they're irregular, but especially if I don't drink enough water, hard enough to make me ache a lot. So yes, I'd say you're normal. My midwife also says taking magnesium helps make them quit. Or taking a warm bath with Epson salts.

The midwife thing - I think it so depends on who you get, but midwives "tend" to be less c-sec happy and more open to natural births, if that's the experience you're looking for.

Any health food store would have carob! I like that too, but it hurts my stomach like crazy.

Melanie said...

We MUST get together and do something fun for your bday!! I love the wreaths and advent bucket you are going to make!! I am sure they will look amazing! And I wish I could help you out about the chips..but i have no clue what you are talking about! ;o) Never heard of them before but they sound awesome!!!