Monday, November 2, 2009

My favorite things...

One of the very first posts I did was a series on my favorite things...(cue the screaming women from an Oprah audience). It was a short lived series, because soon after one of my absolute favorite things on this earth came along, MALONE! I was thinking yesterday about some of my new favorite things and thought I'd share.

1. Almond Butter- I can't get enough of it. I want to eat it with my Multi-Grain waffles. I want to eat it with a Granny Smith apple. I want to eat it all by itself with a big fat spoon. I can't help myself. I've heard that its really good for you. Is it still good for you if you eat it in copious amounts?

2. Black Skinny Jeans- I don't actually own these yet (although these are from Gap Maternity), but will (not maternity ones). Probably once I have my bebe boy (who is definitely growing and growing and making me feel like my belly button is about to burst out) and lose a little of the baby weight caused by the above mentioned almond butter. I love how versatile they are and will be able to go from casual to dressed up with just the change of a shirt and some shoes. Cute!

3. My new hair- I've been letting my hair and nerves recover for 2 years now after the traumatic "I'm- 7- months- pregnant- and- you- cut- my- hair- WAY- shorter- than- you- were- supposed- to" haircut in Enid. Needless to say, I liked my long hair, but with a toddler and another baby soon to join us, making it look nice took too much work for my liking. So I cut it. And its perfect. For now. Once I do it all nice for you tomorrow, I'll take a picture and post it.

4. Oranges- I think its just a thing I go through while being pregnant. Remember when I wrote this? This time my addiction hasn't quite reached those proportions but I suppose the big bag of oranges sitting on my kitchen floor says otherwise. Oh sweet orange with nodules I can pick apart, I love thee!

5. Baby Signing Time- The signing language DVD series is amazing. It teaches American Sign Language through songs appropriate for babies under 3. As of August, Malone had a signing vocabulary of at least 75 words, most of which she can say now. I love it for the communication opportunities it has given us, but also for the slivers of entertainment it has given Malone so I can get a task completed.

6. Crisp, Cool Washington weather-
There's not much to say about why I enjoy this weather so much. Its not soo cold that you have to wear your whole winter's closet to go get the mail, but its not Florida either. Its perfect sweater weather. Ahhhhh....

7. Sleep-
Maybe its because I'm preggo. Maybe its because around here it stays dark FOREVER. Maybe its because I'm looking ahead at a time, very soon, when I will have to get up every 2 hours to feed a baby and not be able to sleep during the day when the baby does, because I have a 2 year old to take care of as well. How does all of this work? Can I store up sleep and rest now like a bank account?

8. Baby Sling- I've been researching tons of baby slings/carriers in an effort not to lug a toddler
and infant car seat around when little boy arrives. Really, its been one of the only baby items I have been researching this time around. And this Sakura Bloom Sling is the one I think I've settled on. Any of you mom's have experience with slings/carriers?

9. PBS Frontline Documentaries-
I think Cameron and I are going to cancel our cable because we are addicted to watching documentaries from Netflix. Mostly, we are watching PBS Frontline documentaries. Balanced, most of the time, informative, clear, and just plain interesting. Some of our favorites include, "I.O.U.S.A" about America's ongoing national debt, "Sick Around the World" about health care systems around the world, and "Inside the Meltdown" about the recent financial meltdown. Fascinating. We are such nerds.

10. Obedient toddlers
Not that I always have one of these, but life sure seems easier when I do.

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Yams said...

We bought a baby sling and we LOVED it! Steven did most of the carrying but Ephrem loved it and would take some of his best naps in the sling. Ours was Noah's ark themed! I give it 2-thumbs up!!! Love ya guys and miss ya!