Sunday, November 18, 2007

Favorite Things #2: Oh Sweet Citrus

Oranges. Sweet, fruit from heaven, oranges. This, my friends, is another one of my favorite things...probably my absolute favorite right now. I've enjoyed oranges since I was a child growing up in the jungles of Africa (just kidding about the jungles). We like oranges so much in my family that we used to buy those enormous bags of oranges and every night after dinner my dad would carve the orange flesh out of the skin and the white bitter stuff (I'm sure there's a name for it) with skill.

Needless to say, I loved oranges then, but lately my love affair with this orange fruit has gone to a new level, obsession. You see, I'm about 8 months pregnant. Instead of craving crazy things like pickles with peanut butter smeared all over them, I crave oranges. I wake up thinking about how I'm going to peel it, make sure all the gross white stuff is carefully scraped off, pick each slice apart and take the thin skin off, and eat the nodules, one by one. I have to limit myself to only a few a day....either a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack and one after dinner. Otherwise, I would spend my entire day picking orange nodules apart like some lunatic. I even made Cameron run to Walmart (the base Commissary, where I prefer to get my drug...aka oranges, was closed at 9pm) the other night, because we were out. Is this not a sick obsession?

Oprah's favorite things include things like TiVo, Cashmere pajamas, and diamond encrusted watches but my favorite things so far is limited to Starbucks and oranges. I'm pretty cool.

Here's some pictures of latest victim:

I promise the next post will not be nearly as creepy :)


Catharine de Wet said...

You did not mention how your Mom eats oranges but doesn't like to clean them. Very creepy to think that you are actually enjoying cleaning off the pith. That's what moms are for - to teach you the technial term for creepy white stuff on an orange - PITH


Christelle said... are something else....haha
ily anyway!!!
i sppose now i have to make a blog....great....
lol that was sarcasm right there!!!