Monday, November 5, 2007

My very first blog


At the urging of my Uber Hot husband, I am starting this blog. See, he started this incredible blog about all the things that interests him (, like the latest pop-punk band, musings on his favorite financial tips, and his ponderings on the concepts like "Sunk Cost". So in an effort to not be bored while he is working on his work of art, and maintaining that I am just as smart as my husband (just in different areas) I am writing this blog.

As it is customary to make promises at the beginning of things (with all the intentions in the world of keeping, but probably won't), here are a few things to look forward to with my new blog:

1. Lots of updates on the preggo belly and baby Malone

2. All the research on new and interesting things mostly to be done by my Uber Hot Pilot husband and passed on to me

3. My favorite old and new recipes

4. Lots of pictures! Everyone always likes pictures, right?

So sit back and enjoy!

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