Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

Black Friday. Normally known for the mad shopping people (or is it mad people going shopping?) are doing today. Although I think that for some people it refers to the day of recovery after the stress of family, too much food and travel. But for us, none of the above applies.

This year was the first Thanksgiving that Cameron and I hosted. Our friends James and Sara Martin came from Colorado to spend the holiday with us. Its been a great few days, filled with lots of blogging (the boys are obsessed with the latest blogging technology, such as Google Analytics and Adsense), food and relaxing. I made my first turkey yesterday. I think it was a success. Unfortunately, I don't have any turkey leftovers...those were obliterated last night. Its also the last Thanksgiving without any children. I was trying to imagine yesterday as I was scurrying around making making turkey, stuffing and all the random fixings what it will be like next year with Baby Malone finally being with us. By then, she might be walking, and if Cameron's educational plan is working, she'll be reading Shakespeare as well. Oh, how different our lives are going to be?

Today, I think we're just going to continue relaxing. The boys are about to go play racquetball. Sara and I might go get a movie. Our goal is to definitely stay clear of any kind of mall, shop or crowd, not that there really is any of that here in the grand metropolis of Enid, OK.

Here's some pictures of our Thanksgiving escapades so far:

The turkey before it was cooked. Doesn't it look fabulous?

Our Thanksgiving table

The typical snapshot of what Cameron and James are doing all weekend long...working on their crazy blogs (I'm just a novice compared to them)

All the leftovers that is STILL in my kitchen. When you're hungry, you can just fun?

Happy Thanksgiving all! I'll continue with my favorite things later this I think I'm going to put up the Christmas tree Saturday....I love it!!! It is my favorite thing this time of year. YAY!

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