Monday, November 24, 2008

Best day of her life

Malone had the best day of her life yesterday. I think even she believed it. First, she slept in until her crib. I know this doesn't seem like much to a lot of people, but it was a little piece of heaven for Cameron and I. Cameron woke me up at 7:30am and said, "Malone is still asleep. Should I go check on her? Is she still alive?" Right then she woke up. Then we went to church (she looked soooo cute!) and took her to the nursery for the first time. She stayed the whole time. They didn't even have to come and call us. Awesome! Then, she took an hour long nap IN HER CRIB. Unbelievable! Next, we hung out with our friends Marc and Beth and Malone was getting so cozy with them I thought she was a bit confused as to who her parents were. And throughout the whole day she was nothing but smiles and giggles. How appropriate that Thanksgiving is this week, because my heart was overflowing with it.

On with the update:

- It was my birthday last week! Happy Birthday to me. Thank you to everyone for the emails, phone calls, cards, presents and love sent my way.

- Cameron had to leave on a last minute mission for my birthday. I know...feel pity for me.

- Because my best friend, Sarabeth is the best in the world, she flew out here from Colorado to spend my birthday with me. It was such a good time. I would have been a sad little girl had she not been here on my birthday, but instead I was so grateful to have a friend like her. We went shopping, stayed in our pajamas until noon and ate the best roast chicken for my birthday dinner...that I made myself. Here's a picture of my roasted chicken and the finished product. Sooooo good.
Here's us girls in Seattle. Malone thinks we're crazy.

- I bought the most amazing coat from Anthropologie (ON SALE!!!) with my birthday money from Cameron. Then I combined a few other gifts and bought a new bread machine. I love it. I've made bread, pizza dough and tomorrow will be cinnamon rolls.
- We finally got blinds in our house today. Now, I feel like our house really does belong to adults. It looks amazing.

- Malone is a cheese eating fool.

- I'm running my first race on Thursday morning. Yes, I know its Thanksgiving but I am preparing so that I am able to enjoy my Thanksgiving feast without guilt. My friend Melanie invited me to run in the Tacoma Thanksgiving Trot. Its a 5K...aka 3 miles...not very impressive but exciting (and a feat) for me nonetheless. My dad was so cute when he said how proud he was of me and when I said, "Its only 3 miles, dad, nothing to be impressed over", he replied, "well, it is impressive. You will be the first on either sides of our family to ever run in a 5K race." Awww, thanks dad. You are great!

- Our dear friends, James and Sara Martin are coming on Thursday night to spend the weekend with us. It has now become a Martin/Schaefer tradition (they came last year to Enid). However, we will celebrate Thanksgiving on Friday because they will arrive late on Thurs. night.

Hope you enjoy your holiday. Eat turkey, take a nap and be thankful!


Jill said...

Love, love, love, the fabulous update!!! It sounds like everything is going wonderfully. I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving! Give Malone a kiss for me...even though she hasn't met me yet. Oh, and good luck in running your 5k. I'm very impressed with your running skills! We love you!

Maggie said...

i always enjoy your updates and Malone is so incredibly adorable! Way to go on the chicken...the 5k..the child sleeping in the crib...all wonderful things! :)