Saturday, November 8, 2008

Likes and Dislikes

I dislike BBQ sauce

I dislike pride in being stupid

I dislike how the Internet can trap my time

I dislike the color blue

I dislike colds for me or Malone

I dislike bitter vegetables (anyone ever have Belgian Endive?)

I dislike feeling insecure

I dislike Butterfingers

I dislike not having enough time

I like oranges

I like the tenderness of God

I like when Malone laughs so hard that she looks at me like "Why are you making me laugh so hard"

I like the way I look in black

I like when Cameron walks in the door and says, "HEEEYYYY"

I like baking, it relieves stress

I like the discipline of the Lord, it makes me feel secure

I like reading a good book that makes me feel smart

I like when Cameron is home

I like when Malone tries to entertain me and make me laugh

I like family

I like photo shoots with Malone (look at those teeth)


Sara Joy said...

I like you.
I dislike that you're so far away.

Catharine de Wet said...

I really don't know who's child you are, sometimes. Not like blue? Not like belgian endive? Dislike barbeque sauce? Who are you?

Then I look at your list of likes, and I think, "That's my girl!"

Love those teeth.
Your's too.

Marelize said...

@sarajoy: I like that I'll be seeing you very, very soon!

@mom: you not remember the Belgian Endive incident? I'll refresh your memory some time. Yes, I am your daughter and proud of it!! I like your teeth too :)

Melanie said...

You and Malone could not get any cuter! I love the two of you to pieces! Cant wait to go shopping tomorrow with ya'll!!

Catherine White said...

Seriously, don't like bbq sauce or blue? I'm slightly shocked by that. I thought everyone liked those things. too precious! my favorite blog :)

*Christelle* said...

Dislike butterfingers?hmmm....

lol well in agreeance[i just made up a new word] with mom's post, you are not her child! hahahaha


Jill said...

Ok... waiting for another update. I know you're busy, but we enjoy your blog.