Saturday, November 1, 2008


When Cameron and I were dating, we used to play this game called high/low. Basically giving the high and low points of the day or week. Now my lovely readers, its time to play with you.

High: A free 18-month YMCA membership. The military/YMCA is trying a trial program and we (military folks of this area) are the lucky guinea pigs. Even though the closest Y is a little ways away, I couldn't pass up the FREE membership. They have swimming lessons, gymnastics, ballet and of course an awesome gym. All for free. We intend to fully take advantage of it all!

Low: Malone is the recipient of her very first cold. We've made it a whole nine months with nothing that resembles an illness. But here we are, at the crossroads of where our luck runs out. She really is a sad sight to see. Runny nose, her hair in every which direction, circles under her eyes (a mirror of mine, for sure!) and a little extra dose of craziness. On the upside, she is super nice and cuddly even if it is with her little baby snot running everywhere. I'm loading up on oranges as my defense (remember how I love those oranges?) Think that's enough? ....hold on, I have to go wipe her nose. How I wish she knew how to blow her nose.

High: The pretty new red shirt I bought. It was cheap and from Target, a fact that will make Cameron cringe. I just like it. And the fajita chicken soup/chili I have in the crock pot right now. I hope its going to be as good as it smells.

Low: Malone's lack of sleep last night= my lack of sleep

High: Its my little sister's 15th birthday today! Happy Birthday, Christelly belly! You are awesomely amazing!

Low: Running out of candy to give out last night. We have a lot of kids in our neighborhood. I had to turn off our light. But apparently not everyone knows about the "if the light is on it means we're giving candy, if the light is off, we are not" rule.

High: Playgroup at Melanie's house on Tuesday. Fun girls. Good food. What more could you need?

Low: Feeling pathetic as I anxiously wait for a special email from Cameron.

One last High: I've rediscovered the West Wing. Its an awesome tv show that sadly, challenges my intellectual tracking skills and makes me want to do something great with my life. Schaefer for President 2032!

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Sara Joy said...

I love this entry! Every Monday in my classroom I'd always do Highs and Lows of the weekend with my students. I love the high/low game! We'll have to play when we're out there for the end of THIS MONTH! Oh I can't wait to see you guys! I would really love to go to the market, Starbucks and do some girl time shopping with you. It'll be great! Happy November and daylight savings time! Love you!