Thursday, January 14, 2010

37 Weeks

Here I am in all my glory.
Cameron and I went on a date on Tuesday night. It was glorious (beside the part where I had to unbutton my pants under my napkin because my belly is too big, but that's neither here nor there). We went to the Lobster Shop, a fancy seafood restaurant sitting right on the water. Our wonderful friend Sara entertained a sick Malone while we were gone. It was our last "hoorah" for a while at least, before baby boy comes.
I have a hot husband.

And even though it is so good to have some alone time, I always miss Malone.Reunited and it feels so good. I love my little family.


Sara Kay said...

You look radiant! Can't wait to see pics of that baby boy. I saw somebody had said you were naming him Judah. That was the boy name we had picked out this time too! :)

Jill said...

You look precious!! Tell Cameron we're proud of him for his cooking accomplishments! I know I write this every time, but we miss you.

Bartkarlson said...

Aaaag, julle is OMTRENT 'n oulike FAMILIETJIE!!!!!! x