Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weekly Goals #2

Life is good.

I'm sitting here, watching the Today Show, eating the most wonderful banana & Nutella breakfast toast, desperately trying to figure out what Malone means by saying "Zuna".

I'm still pregnant, 37 weeks today, in fact. Cameron is convinced I'm not going to have a baby until February. I don't appreciate his pessimism.

On Friday, we had a baby appointment, pre-admitted me to the hospital and took a tour of the Labor/Delivery ward at the hospital. Everything went well.

Saturday, I had a pre-natal massage, part of my birthday gift this year. The best birthday gift a pregnant girl could wish for. What would life be like if I had a personal masseuse? Heaven.

Cameron has become a chef. Sunday night he created a masterpiece. He cut up a whole chicken (I've never even done that), made a chicken brine, made some soffritto, a pepper sauce, cooked it all together with some sausage and created magic. I could get used to this.

Want an update on my goals from last week?

1) Pack my hospital bag- Somehow I feel weird about packing it already. So, I failed.

2) Clean every room in my house, from top to bottom- Cleaned most rooms. My most amazing accomplishment...cleaning my oven, including the racks. It took a long time. It was beyond necessary. Now, its nice and shiny.

3) Spend some good, quality, play time with Malone- Lets just say that we have had plenty of tea parties and made a million fake cakes.

4) Grocery shop- Accomplished.

5) Research some organic/grass fed/real free range, meat options- Did the research but haven't quite decided what to get and how much.

6) Plan Malone's birthday party- Sent out invitations, found the cake I'm going to make (only the cutest monkey cake EVER!) and working on everything else this week.

7) Spend some good time doing this week's bible study- FAIL. I finished, but not well. Luckily, the other girls was in the same boat as me, and we just spent the whole time chatting it up. Love it!

8) Get last minute items for baby- Done!

9) If Cameron is here, have a baby. If Cameron is not here, do not have a baby. Ok, scratch that. Actively work on being patient in waiting for the most healthy time to have the baby - Cameron was here and I did not have a baby. For many reasons, I have to have the baby today or after Sunday. Trust me, it will be better for all if it happens within these parameters.

New goals for this week:

1) Read as much of Anna Karenina as I can- I enjoy reading, but this is a total practical goal. The version I'm reading is a beautiful hardback-should be in a beautiful library, version. It will be hard to hold such a large book when I have a new baby. Practicality, people. Plus, I have a billion of other books sitting on my nightstand....The Reader, The Read-Aloud Handbook, The Women Who Raised Me....etc.

2) Pack my bag- lets revisit this one.

3) Clean my bathroom. I mean scrub it. Scrub every little kernel of grossness out of it, hopefully never for it to return again- I clean my bathroom on a weekly basis, but sometimes, it just needs an extra good scrub.

4) Go on a date with my husband- Pretty excited about this one. No need to explain.

5) Malone's birthday party- make the cake, plan other food, activities, etc.

I think I can get all this accomplished this week.

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