Friday, September 12, 2008

3 week round-up

Ahhh, I feel overwhelmed by guilt (I have not updated you all in FAR too long and sooo much has happened) and anxiousness (this is too exciting to tell you about in a parenthetical sentence). There is a wonderful smell coming from my oven a.k.a a nice Rhubarb pie and I can hardly wait to put a dollop of vanilla ice cream on the warm, gooey, tart pie. I just discovered Rhubarb pie thanks to Claire (Cameron's wonderful stepmom) and I think its my new favorite pie.

ANYWAYS! Gosh, I can't even remember what I wrote last and what has happened since. Let me think......something to do with hell, Science Fiction Museums, lobster tails, an additional tooth and some new moves. Sounds interesting, eh? OK, before you die of excitement let me explain.

First, my sister, Lydia and brother-in-law, Joel graced us with their presence for a while. It was so great to have them here. They are such kind, fun, and cool people. And Malone absolutely loved them. We tried to get out of the house quite a bit, because although our house is cool in aesthetic, it was not cool in temperature. We found ourselves in the middle of the Tacoma Heat Wave of 2008. It was crazy! We went to the Glass Museum in Tacoma and Experience Music Project and then something we never thought we would see....the Science Fiction Museum. We learned a lot and I think Lydia and Joel were in Science Fiction heaven.
Picture 2: Lyddie, Joel and Malolo at the Seattle harbor Picture 3: The Museum of Glass and Lydia's glorious head
Then the day after Lyddie and Joel left, Cameron's dad and stepmom came for a little visit on their way to Oregon. Malone loves her Grandma Claire and Grandpa Jay. We enjoyed just visiting with one another. By the way, they bought us a "little" gift, a not so little lobster tail. Its the biggest thing I've ever seen. Here's the pictures. We haven't fixed it yet. We're saving it for a very special occasion.
Picture 4: Malone with Grandma & GrandpaPicture 5: Malone and Granpa Jay enjoying a coffee breakPicture 6: The infamous lobster tail Picture 7: Look how big it is compared to my arm

Then, our friend Justin came for visit. Justin is one of our oldest friends and we enjoyed catching up with our dear friend. And now, my old roommate Eryn is here for a visit. I love Eryn and so does Malone. I think they are new best friends.

So there you go. You are semi-caught up on our happenings. Oh yes, and Cameron has gone back to work and started flying. He is loving this new phase of his job (actually getting to DO his job). I now call him my "international man of mystery".

Lastly, Malone is on the move!!! She crawls as fast as a cougar (does a cougar crawl?) and get this....the other morning, I went into her room and guess what she was doing?! She was STANDING in her crib waiting for me. Standing?????Umm...we are so not ready for that. Needless to say, it was not a fluke. She is currently pulling herself up by just about anything she can get ahold of. Which also means she is bonking her head quite often. I spend so much of my time keeping an eye on her now and moving her and lots of objects. She's growing up so fast. She's even reading now (even upside down!!! So smart!)

Here's some pics of her in her Alabama onesie. These pictures are dedicated to my family in Tuscaloosa and Brian and Brandi Steorts (we miss you guys!!)

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Catharine de Wet said...

I love these pictures. You are such a beautiful family!