Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I am such a yuppie mom

It has been a busy week...well, we've been trying to stay busy anyways. Cameron has been gone to some fun, interesting, mysterious places. So Malone and I have been trying to get into a routine without Cameron. Luckily, he will be home VERY SOON! I'll give you the round up of this week.

1. Did I mention that we're working on the whole separation anxiety thing with Malone? A couple of weeks ago, we put her in the nursery at church for the first time. It was not a complete success and I felt like my heart was getting ripped out of my chest. Then the next week she did a bit better (and I did too), but I still had to be called to come and get her. Then last week, I kept on checking the number in my pocket to see if I was looking for the right number on the screen. #205 was NEVER called. I was so surprised that halfway through service I even went to go and check on her. But, she did fine. At the gym she's still a little nervous, but hopefully she'll get used to it.
2. Monday I had to take one of my finals for school (GASP, yes, I'm STILL in school). So I got Malone all packed up, took her to some wonderfully sweet friends of ours who has a little boy, Matty who is just a few months younger than Malone. As soon as we walked in the door, Malone started screaming. Agghhh, I felt so bad leaving a screaming baby with people. But luckily she did great and even taught Matty how to sit up. (Insert witty comment here about Malone's skills with the that inappropriate?) So I drive back to the base where I'm to take my final and to my horror none of the material on the final looked familiar. After a few moments of sheer panic I realized that they had sent me the wrong final! AHHHHH, fist of fury to you Oral Roberts University!!!! You wasted my whole day!!! So I went back to go get Malone who was happily playing with her little friend.3. Tuesday, Malone and I got up early and went to our first playgroup, ever! It was a playgroup with some moms from Cameron's squad. We had fun and met some new people. I think Malone was nervous thinking I was going to leave her there with someone. She would not let me go more than 4 feet away from her. Awww, how sad is that?!!
4. We got home on Tuesday and Malone had a little incident involving the stairs. She's fine. My mom said so. The pediatrician said so. And all my mommy friends I called said so. I think I was more upset than Malone. Needless to say, we are investing in some good baby gates and baby proofing the whole house.
5. This morning Malone and I went to the Little Gym class. It was a class for ages 4mo-10mo focusing on developmental issues like motor skills, hand/eye coordination and so on, using fun activities, kind of like a tumbler class. It was so cool. Malone was clearly a little nervous and overwhelmed by all the people and stimuli. The words, "She does usually smile" actually came out of my mouth trying to convince people that she is a happy child. But in the end, I think she enjoyed herself. I think Malone's favorite part was watching and popping the bubbles the instructor was blowing. Hopefully, we'll get to go back next week.

All this "mommy and me" activities has really made me feel like a suburban, yuppie mom (which I am, of course). All I need now is my Volvo SUV (which I love) parked in the driveway with my Upside down Caramel Macchiato (which I am craving) in hand. And I love it!

PS: Cameron took the camera, so the pictures are ones we took this afternoon on our computer.
PS2: Anyone else super excited for the premiere of The Office? I can hardly wait for tomorrow night. What's going to happen with Pam and Jim? What about annoying Michael and the love triangle between him, his baby-mama Jan and the new HR lady, whose name I can't remember? I'm dying with anticipation.


Ash said...

wow, you're all growed up! i can't believe it! look at you, in all your glory embracing suburbia and military life all in one breath. good for you! malone is a doll. i esp like the picture w/ her tongue sticking out, oh yis, this is classic to pull out when the boys come on over in 16 years...ha ha ha.

Nick & Brittney said...

Sounds like you had fun with all your mommy activities! I bet it's hard having Cameron gone so much.
And we, too, are so excited for the Office tonight!! We just watched last season's finale in preparation.... oh the anticipation!!