Monday, September 8, 2008

What has happened?

Don't worry, I haven't slipped and broken both arms leaving me incapable of typing, I haven't fallen into the volcano that is nearby (known as Mt. Rainier) or been deported back to South Africa. I'm ok, really. Compared to the excuses mentioned above, my real excuse...ehm...reason sound pretty lame. But the truth is I just have been trying to keep up with the dishes never mind my blog. Sorry, Cameron wrote it into our wedding vows that clean dishes and clothes are a must. :)

Every time I think about everything I need to update you on, I get more and more overwhelmed. Not to worry, eventually I will tell you guys everything that's been going's just a little bit to whet your appetite. Malone is crawling...yes, she is everywhere. But even more importantly (or more scary?), she is pulling herself up onto things and is standing and unfortunately, falling as well. That is also part of my time dilemma. I feel like all of a sudden I have to be with her constantly for fear that she will split open her lip, get her eye poked out by the coffee table's corner or pull the tv onto her (not likely if anyone has ever seen our bohemoth of a tv). I realize she has to learn and my fears are somewhat irrational but it just takes a little more time to keep an eye on her and hold her hands while she is wanting to walk everywhere.

Excuses, excuses, I know! Just know that the Schaefer clan loves you all dearly.

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