Thursday, September 25, 2008

I need some new Washington friends!

My sister is about roll her eyes at my John Mayer reference (come to think of it, so will Cameron). I don't care, I unabashedly love John Mayer, corny love songs, weird facial expressions and all. Anyways, anyone know that song by one of my faves entitled, "Comfortable"? There's a line in it that reads, "Our love was, comfortable, and so broken in". Despite the clear romantic love reference, it reminds me of friendship in some ways.

I've been thinking a lot about friendship lately. Mostly, because since we've moved to Washington, I don't really have too many friends, I need some but yet I don't really like the friend making process. Its uncomfortable, awkward and can be superficial. It feels like I'm dating again (oh, wait I didn't really ever date that much for this reason!!) There is a pressure of being unoffensive, because unlike with old, close friends, these new friend candidates don't know your heart and what you REALLY mean when you say something stupid and slightly offensive.

Don't get me wrong, I need new friends and love it when hearts connect because of a single common thread. I need to step out of my comfort zone. Its a good thing. But sometimes I wish I could just bring my old friends with me. So this is what I'll be looking for in my *new friends:

*Editor's note #1: If you're an old friend, rest assured that I am not giving you up. If you've been with me this long and still want to be my friend, NO WAY, JOSE, I am not letting go of you!

Tiffany- Tiffany and I met when we were doing an internship called Twentyfourseven in Birmingham, AL. She has beautiful red hair that matches her fiery personality. She was the first person (besides my family) to know that I wanted to lead worship and she didn't even laugh (when some certainly discouraged me). Actually, she forced me (very forcefully, I must add) to do something about my dream. She pushed me to not be afraid of uncertainty.

Sara- Sara Martin is one of the coolest girls I have ever met. She's fun, funny, laid back, smart, hot, and has the best laugh ever! We met because she was dating (and is now married to) my friend James. I remember really hanging out with her for the first time in Steamboat Springs and the Lord clearly told me that she was someone I needed as a friend and to make the extra effort in pursuing our friendship (and it wasn't because she said she was my biggest fan either!) I don't even think I've ever told her that. When I think of her, I immediately think of the tender way in which she speaks of Jesus. Like someone who really knows Him.

Jill- My hippie, friend Jill. In a time when Cameron and I were really depressed about living in Enid, we met Phil and Jill, the perfect anecdote to our sadness. Although Jill and I are very different, we connected quickly over our lunch dates. She was always trying to convince us that we need to buy some land together with them so that we could live on a commune together and raise our own organic crops and cage free chickens. Haha. And there was nothing like a game night with Phil and Jill (and our dear friends, Steven and Yami) to raise our spirits. But it is her childlike heart and optimism that I admire and value. PS: I think Cameron and I look really funny in this picture. Isn't my hair huge? And Cameron is looking really excited. haha.

Eryn- Eryn was my room mate at the Holt Manor (as we liked to call it). I met Eryn when I was in the School of Worship and she worked in the Worship Department at New Life. I'm not quite sure how we ended up being friends, all I remember is a trip to Denver with Jen Strube, eating hot peppers and James (as mentioned above) doing the running man in Cheesecake Factory. The rest is a blur. Eryn was always my sounding board, my lazy Saturday morning friend, my accessory store (she is the accessory queen) and my partner in our "If I ran the world" conversations. I value the depth of her insight, the shallowness of our shared humor, the width of her knowledge and the breadth of her love.

Lydia- My oldest sissy. We met when she was three and I was coming out of my mother's womb. Ha ha, nothing like a little birthing humor to lighten things up a bit. I'm not sure if she really wanted a little sister like me (full of energy and always trying to get a rise out of her), but took care of me nonetheless. She is even-tempered, not stirred by much, stubborn as all get-out, most compassionate and one of the most beautiful beings of the human variety that I have ever seen. Seriously, she could've been making millions as a model. But what I treasure the most of our friendship is the delicate balance that she has always walked with me, telling me the truth on one side, but being my biggest encourager and lifter on the other.

Whoo people, I'm getting a little teary over here. I promise I'll do a funny post sometime soon.

Sarabeth- my best friend. We met when we were in 5th or 6th grade but didn't really become friends until Twentyfourseven. When we both were reading a Brio magazine article out loud, mocking it endlessly, I knew we would be fast friends. The verse in Proverbs 27 comes to mind, "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." Iron hitting iron isn't always comfortable, it isn't always pretty, dull parts has to be removed, but it produces something remarkable. And so is our friendship. There so much to say about what I love about Sarabeth, but when it comes down to it, I love our friendship because we have a loyal commitment to one another. When life is good, we celebrate with one another. When life is bad, we cry with each other. When painful truth needs to be spoken, it is gently but firmly spoken. I know that she wants me to succeed. She knows that I want her to succeed. And we both will do whatever it takes to help the other person in that process.

*Editor's note #2: Just because I didn't mention you here, doesn't mean that I don't love you and admire you....


Nick and Brittney said...

man, you made me tear up a little...

Anonymous said...

I love it!!! Speaking of the whole commune thing... I am being extremely careful to not mention that to any new friends early on in the relationship. Aside from not yet finding anyone new that is worthy of communal living with Phil and I; I don't want people to think I'm completely wacko!!! I really miss you! Even if we are slightly different:), I really cherish our friendship. Oh, and can't wait to see you in July.

Sara Joy said...

You made me cry. I miss you and love you very much dear friend. Now if only I had "Sing to the King" sung by you on my ipod....bummer.

Counting down the days until we see you for our 2nd Thanksgiving together. :)

Christelle said...

thanks sis for mentioning lydia and not me....
i love u too
haha jk

kendra said...

You truely have the greatest friends your words brought tears to my eyes, to see how much love you have for them and how much you truely miss them is priceless. I hope life is very well for you and your family, you guys seem so full of happiness. I wish you the best of luck on finding friends and don't worry you are such a wonderful person people would be missing out if they didn't have you as a friend.

Melanie said...

You are so stinken gorgeous! LOVE the wedding pics.