Saturday, February 20, 2010

Malone's 2nd birthday!

We made it one more year! Malone is now officially two! Can you believe it? It seems just like yesterday that we were waiting for HER to be born.

We did, indeed, celebrate her birthday, way back when I was still pregnant. It was only 6 days before Judah was born, but we celebrated our little hearts out in anyways. She STILL talks about her birthday party . She says, "something, something, something, HAPPY, something, something, MESS" (you'll see why in a little bit).

Without further adieu (or is it ado, as in "Much ado about nothing"...10 points for someone who knows that reference)...Malone's 2nd birthday!

*We decided to decorate cookies with the kids. Here's her friends, Carter, Bubba (Leighton), Eva and Malone all getting their decorating gear on...or lack there of.
Apparently, I'm quite bossy. Yeah, you like that belly shot too, eh?
And the mess begins.
Like mother like daughter?
This is seriously only the the end, I think the kids ate more icing than cookies, and used the icing to paint their pretty little faces. It was AWESOME!
My pride and joy of the party, besides my little 2 year old princess. I worked really hard on this little puppy...errr...monkey. Malone still talks about the monkey cake. I'm so glad that she loved it as much as I did.
She was a little nervous about the fire.
But loved opening the presents.
It was a rockin' party.


Anonymous said...

Ado, dear, ado! It means lots of things happening and doing. Adieu means goodbye. So you have "ado" before you have "adieu".


Jill Meseke said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Malone!!! I can't believe that she is already 2. It doesn't seem that long ago that we were all in Enid.