Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday morning redo

Sunday morning:

8:15am- Wake up late because Judah was a little sleep-less last night. Panic a little because church starts in 45 minutes. Yikes!

8:17am Thank the Lord for such a wonderful husband who recognizes when I don't get a lot of sleep and lets me sleep in. Will go to 11:15am service

9:00am Take a shower...a few moments completely ALONE. Ahhhh.

9:45am Give Malone a bath while I'm blow drying my hair. Not looking forward to the "we have to wash your hair" struggle that is about to ensue.

10:00am The hair-washing struggle occurs. After screaming bloody murder while I'm rinsing her hair, I ask her, in an effort to distract her, if she's laughing and she says yes and smiles. Apparently the screaming was all drama.

10:45am Go through the Starbucks drive-thru. Many thanks to Linda Kotby for our Starbucks gift cards.

***This is where it gets interesting****

11:05am Malone falls asleep in the car on the way to church. Oh no!

11:15am Arrive at church. What to do with sleeping Malone?? Decide to try to transport her inside while still sleeping. Hopefully she'll sleep on our laps?

11:16am Plan foiled when she wakes up and looks semi-awake and happy. Happy enough for nursery?

11:20am Not happy/awake enough for nursery. Cameron stays with her for a minute to reduce the screaming/crying.

11:35am Cameron returns looking worried. She was crying so hard. Promise to check on her in 10 minutes. People behind us annoyed with us whispering to each other back and forth.

11:45am "Operation spy mom" in place. Mission: check on Malone in nursery without her seeing me. FAIL.

11:48am Play with Malone in her nursery room . Meet a uber cute couple working in her class.

12:00pm Mention the idea of her staying in there while Mom goes to give Judah some lunch. The mere mention caused floodgate of tears and anxiety. Brilliant idea REJECTED.

12:01pm Panicked Cameron walks in with a crying Judah. Why? 1) Judah's first poo blow out 2) Poo went all over his back and clothes. 3) Cameron tried to change Judah's diaper in the men's restroom. Judah peed all over himself. 4) Judah is wet and has poo every where.

12:03pm Maybe we should just go home. Can we have a Sunday morning redo?


The Willis Wonder Years said...

Oh my gosh, you poor girl! What a nightmare! I hope your day got a little better once you got home!

Sara Kay said...

Oh man, we had Sundays like that. Or try the one where mommy forgot to bring diapers, but at least remembered to bring the TWO children who were wearing them at the time. Yeah, that was a good one... ;)

Megan said...

OH man, I can sorta relate... we had a rough one this past Sunday too... all you can do is look back and laugh at the memories created, right? :)

Sara Martin said...

I love this. It gives me so much to look forward to!! Sounds like you both kept your cool...hopefully it was a great and relaxing rest of your day at home :)