Monday, February 1, 2010

1 Week

In the past week we have ...

- Gone through 3 containers of baby wipes

- Been peed on 6 times (turns out little boys are MUCH different than little girls)

- Cleaned the couch 4 times. The first three was because of the above mentioned incidents. The 4th was because a certain little munchkin girl drew a masterpiece of art on it.

- Realized that a king size bed is perfect for midnight when all 4 of our family members end up in our bed.

- Washed 7 loads of laundry

- Enjoyed endless baby kisses

- Introduced Judah to my in-laws

- Took Judah to church for the first time, he apparently was bored.

- Took Malone and Judah to the park.

- Felt so incredibly thankful for my husband. My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude.

- Got to take a nap twice while the babies were both asleep. Ahhhh, quiet.

- Gone through 4 packs of diapers between Malone and Judah

- Watched as my husband and father-in-law made banana bread pudding. It was a sight to see.

- Relished every minute with my new little family of 4.

Ps: For the safety and comfort of my dad, father-in-law and any other unsuspecting males (or females for that matter) who read this blog, I will not be posting the details publicly. :) If you want to hear Judah's amazing birth story, please email me at

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Nick and Brittney said...

I love birth stories! Email me on FB.