Monday, October 13, 2008

Then and now

Friends, now you know what a week in my life looks like. Doing this I realized how boring I really am. At least I enjoy my boringness.

I was looking at Malone today and realized how much more grown up she looked to me. It was not her outfit because she was wearing a sleep & play onesie. It was not how peaceful she looked when she napped. It was not how helpless she was or how needy she was. But it was when I realized that she had figured out a little game I was playing with her. She got it! She even initiated our little cat & mouse game this morning.

She's so smart.

So I thought I would take you all back to the beginning, when she was just a longing in our hearts.

Here's Cameron and I and my awesomely beautiful family right before our wedding.

In the middle of our wedding

Here we are right after our wedding
Celebrating our 1 year anniversary. We just found out I was pregnant earlier that week.

24 weeks pregnant
8 months pregnant at Cameron's Pilot Training graduationThe morning of my induction. My belly felt a lot bigger than it looks now.

Malone being born...we were so surprised it happened so soon and overwhelmed with joy.Back at home...doesn't she look like an angel!?
And look at her now 9 months later
Aahhh, she's growing up way too fast


Melanie said...

Marelize, that was the sweetest thing ever! I LOVE the picture of you and your husband seeing Malone be born. What an amazing experience! And your wedding pictures are incredible. You are so gorgeous and you have such a precious little family!

Laura said...

Oh Marelize, I have tears running down my face! What a beautiful story those pictures tell. It makes me so glad to have seen the "once upon a time" part in person. Every moment is so precious so keep making the most of each of them. Just don't blink......I think I did, and now all of a sudden all my babies are growing up and getting married. You are all so precious to me and I miss you a ton. I love reading and seeing all the pictures so don't stop!